1. Redmond Games

    Guide questions

    I am currently working on a quick and dirty guide for the current state of the game. I know I've missed a few things such as: Where and what the ghost horn is. Inges key and what it does The giant spider (Mirmek) accessed via the sunken path in the mirmek cave, what does it mean? or do we fight...
  2. PaulGrant

    Prince of Sloth

    So I just returned after maybe about 2 years and I'm trying to find details about this prince of sloth but can't find any details regarding him. I'm starting to think that maybe that feature is removed? Because I can still clearly remember me fighting that boss as a mage before yet I didn't...
  3. Ammezk

    [Spoiler] The Prodigal Daughter and Ark of Lothasan

    (Sorry for my poor English) I had killed The Flame Prophet and completed the prodigal daughter. but this doesn't trigger the conversation option “I’m as Muud’ari as you are…” in the last debate. So, although I satisfied all other options to win the debate, I fail to convince the Magister. Is...
  4. Fleshless

    Secrets of sewer clamps (SPOILERS)

    I'm very interested in what might be at the lower levels Icemist Dungeons. Perhaps it's an anomaly with spiritual damage, destroying the minds of local inhabitants, or there will be an old city of empire as it became with the Mine of Lannegar.