1. Dantooine_Sniper

    Best advanced skills for 1-H Warrior?

    I currently have heavy hand, duel, infantry training, body development, mind resist, and toxic resist i'm with a warrior level 23, two adv skills slot are remaining.
  2. S

    Grissenda build!

    Hello y'all, I'm a pretty new member in the community, found out about this game 2 weeks ago and it's incredible!! I'm currently a lvl 18 rogue and I'm using griss light tank as my companion. Lately I've been having trouble about skills I should give her to balance her between utility and...
  3. Commiades

    Melee Rogue Skill Priorities

    I've recently discovered how devastating Sneak Attacks can be for a rogue. On the current play-through I took it to III ahead of nearly every skill (besides Stab and Evasion, which I do very early). And it's been well worth it -- at Level 18 on hard I got through the Pit and then took out the...