1. Neponde

    Basic builds & gameplay tips

    Introduction This thread is designed to be a starting point for new players, or if you are looking at a new class and not sure where to begin. The first and most important rule of any video game: Have fun! These builds are meant to serve as a basic template, to be modified and tailored to your...
  2. Commiades

    Melee Rogue Skill Priorities

    I've recently discovered how devastating Sneak Attacks can be for a rogue. On the current play-through I took it to III ahead of nearly every skill (besides Stab and Evasion, which I do very early). And it's been well worth it -- at Level 18 on hard I got through the Pit and then took out the...
  3. Commiades

    Rogue's Weapon Choice for the Ark

    I'm curious what weapons people choose for melee rogues when they go into the Ark. Some require making choices that have costs, particularly the Lightning Falchion, which forces the player to forgo loot, in particular two Tolassian Tomes (one in the Bank and one in the Mercian Royal Crypts).
  4. magusandre

    Game glitch in final room of arc

    IM STUCK HERE, I DO NOT KNOW WHAT TO DO, I SAW ON YOUTUBE AND IT HAPPENS A CONVERSATION, WHY FOR ME BUGED SO? Mod Note: changed tittle of thread to better reflect nature of post.
  5. Brunors95

    Buff Rogue Archers to be a better choice of class

    Rogue archers are the hardest class to pick up, the fact that you don't have a decent ice bow or death attacks, it has a few bows and the strongest ones are gotten only at the end of the game, why having so many fire class bows and we only have 1 cold elemental bow? It's not even good to use it...