1. vanderson

    bug in kurgar cave. side quest: snake Gang

    bug in kurgar cave. side quest: snake Gang. DESCRIPTION BUG: once you enter the red door (mission) and you go outside without completing the mission, you can't enter again, even if you have 'scorpion poison'. I can't complete or finish the mission due to this problem, can anyone help me...
  2. barcaroli

    Quest Ataque ao Forte

    Salve galera, beleza ? Na Quest Ataque ao Forte a personagem principal morreu e eu não estou conseguindo finalizar a Quest, já matei o Comandante Xurta, agora preciso pegar a recompensa, mas a personagem morreu. Como eu faço agora ?
  3. Delgado

    Like father like son error help

    Hello, i try finish this quest but i dont see Needed NPC to remove rocks from stairs in Lannegar mine. Here should be NPC called Foreman Dallis to open the tunnel to the Baunted Galleries. In mines are goblins only Mod Note: Slight edit to tittle to better reflect nature of post.
  4. Imperium

    The quest The Lost Kingdom won't complete if I kill King M'dmoo?

    The quest doesn't complete if I kill King M'dmoo and don't give the Crown of Galade to him. So you won't be able to complete this quest if you choose to kill him?
  5. v85

    Квестовые предметы (GTranslate - Quest items)

    Большая проблема игры в том, что некоторые квестовые предметы можно выкинуть, а соответственно нужно будет проходить игру по или проходить заново, если узнаешь, что нашел и выкинул (продал или еще что сделал с ним) квестогвый предмет до взятия квеста. Например я редко...
  6. ForGreatJustice

    Cannot start Dorto's quest

    Hi there, I finished outstanding apprentice, vorator quest and the ice cream quest. All three are in my completed quests. Only quest left to go to icemist is Dartos' blue Weed quest. It is not in my completed quests. Every time I go to him and ask if he has something for me to do he replies...
  7. 0rion79

    [Beta version] Stuck already with latest update, LOL! :')

    Hi, has any of you managed already to pass the maze of teleports in the new temple? I have tried different kind of combinations but I always come back to the starting room with the wooden sign, no matter which teleport I choose. They all look different but they lead to the same room in the same...
  8. Spajkus

    Bishop ring and reputation | OR | 11000 xp, ability point and talking with god?

    I have dilemma. What better to do with the crown of Tol?