1. Wojd

    R.I.P. Vlad? Disappear NPC not respawn

    Cap Vlad, from Fogas, disappear after be down by a horde of Vengeful Wraiths. I dont know if this is a bug or part of the possibilities. That doesn't seem like a problem at all, but maybe he's just recovering at Sister Genta's house, so I'd send some flowers and thank him for the good battle.
  2. Jasono18

    Random Encounter - Very Confused

    Hiya, I'm new to the game and during my play through I was at the area you start out at after you know who robs you. I was killing goblins and wolves in that area when during that time I was following the stone path (I went past the village or town?) and I noticed a wolf going for a male NPC...
  3. Szurmat

    Solved Liserpix doesn't show up.

    Lvl 4 rogue (if it makes a difference), I entered the city on the trollfence-side (entered mercia through jabal, then to freetown and finally to sydarun). And Liserpix (starting safe passage -quest) wasn't there. Is it a bug? Or are there some requirements not shown on the wiki? (lvl...
  4. Izbor

    Suggestion for making game's experience even better

    You MUST make possible to have more than one companion at once (not talking about hired ones). That would be great