1. tclifford7997

    Move license from android to IOS

    Hello, I’ve owned the full license version of this game for years and just recently changed to iPhone. I signed into Google games account when I fired it up but it doesn’t recognize any license. Can this be done or would I be forced to buy it again? Thanks!
  2. Enchanter

    Full License Stopped Working

    I've owned a full license for years and started playing again recently. A couple days ago I open the app and am only able to access the free version. I have poked around here and online to try and resolve the issue, but have yet to resolve the issue. I'm probably just missing something simple...
  3. TheNativeJim

    Restore old purchase

    Hi. I havet been around for the last 3 years but I know I purchased the app on the Google account I have now. When I click restore lice se it says it will take a few minutes and nothing happens. How can better go about this? Thank you. 1653161306 Those are the receipts 1653161548 I have...
  4. Pana Rao

    Google Play - Full License - Error: Transaction could not be completed

    Hello fellow Exiled travelers and support team, While attempting to purchase the full license on my Samsung S4 I receive a generic unhelpful error. 'Error: Transaction could not be completed' What I have done: 1.) Searched forums for the solution and tried a few of the suggestions 2.)...