1. Dr. Octavio Lovecraft

    Enemy Idea - Captain Theosbald I von Habsburg

    "Captain Theosbald I of the Habsburgs at your service, show yourself or lose your head!" "Captain Theosbald I, once a noble and respected knight leader of the Habsburgs monarchy family, was cursed by a vengeful sorcerer who sought to end the Habsburg reign. The curse was meant to deform...
  2. DarthTomServo

    Endgame Mode

    Hi, this idea just occurred to me but I feel like it's got potential for EK. Full disclosure, this is inspired by Lannegar Mine, Final Fantasy 6 and Terraria. I'm aware something like this has probably been suggested multiple times. Here's my own spin on it anyway, I'll try to make this...
  3. Smugdogo魚

    New quest "Ruins of the current Past"?

    (devs, what do you think of this)