1. OleyfromAC

    Help, progress lost!

    So my stupid galaxy A10 loves to factory reset in my pocket. This will be the 5th time now in a little over a year and I'll be looking into something new for sure. My problem is that I lost my progress in the game. I used the cloud save function but it only brought me back to when I was Level 8...
  2. K

    Warrior Cleric build?

    I'm coming back to this game after a long break. I've played Summoner Mage, Archer Rogue and Ability Warrior (my favorite so far, whirlwind and cleave combo is chef's kiss), so I decided to finally give cleric a go. The main reason I've kept cleric for last was because I heard they have the...
  3. Jojoenlasnubes


    Como hago para que mi reputación cambien con la mano dorada??? Actualmente soy criminal y pues no me deja hablar con algunos personajes... Hay algún lugar donde pagar una multa o algo?
  4. Jasono18

    (Help) Path Of The Deer Quest

    So I was up in the Elder Forest when I initiated the quest and I found out from a YouTube video that I needed to get the Winter Wail sword. The issue is that I had already been in the lair that contained the sword and I had defeated the boss. I know I did not take everything from the chests or...
  5. Jasono18

    Random Encounter - Very Confused

    Hiya, I'm new to the game and during my play through I was at the area you start out at after you know who robs you. I was killing goblins and wolves in that area when during that time I was following the stone path (I went past the village or town?) and I noticed a wolf going for a male NPC...
  6. Piotre

    Czarne dialogi (black dialogue boxes)

    gdy rozmawiam z npc czasami mam czarne paski zamiast dialogów
  7. Szurmat

    Solved Liserpix doesn't show up.

    Lvl 4 rogue (if it makes a difference), I entered the city on the trollfence-side (entered mercia through jabal, then to freetown and finally to sydarun). And Liserpix (starting safe passage -quest) wasn't there. Is it a bug? Or are there some requirements not shown on the wiki? (lvl...
  8. Deleted member 29722

    EK.bak Editor

    Is it possible to edit the attributes of the characters in the game when editing the EK.bak file using any txt editor? Is there any way to open the Backup data in a readable and editable table or some app similar to the Stardew Valley Save Editor?
  9. TRIAX115

    Hey, new player here

    First off I just wanna say... this game is amazing. I would compare it to if Dark Souls met Diablo and had a child. It's crazy I just found this game 2-3 days ago. Splendid work on the game. I'm super excited for the update and I hope the best of luck on your new project. That being said. I'm a...
  10. Pitroneus

    Unable to learn New Skill

    I'm playing a level 18 warrior. I have base level 5 strength and 57996 gold. When I talk to Seargant Daukar in New Garand's Warrio'rs Guild building and inquire about Heavyhand, it tells me that it will cost me 5000 gold. bu although I have more than enough gold, and more than the required base...
  11. Cerrates

    Trait Respec losing HP?

    Hello guys! New to the forum but I'm currently playing a level 16 rogue with: 4 strength 4 endurance 2 agility 4 intelligence 1 awareness 2 personally I am trying to respec my traits because I realised I nerfed my agility as a rogue and want to learn flurry. BUT, I am currently at 406 HP, and...
  12. FesteringWound

    Is there a way to contact the creator of EK?

    Hello community board, I was hoping there would be a way to contact the person who made this diamond in the rough? I was hoping to make a video on the game and I was going to ask him some questions for it though I have no way of finding out a proper email for 4DGames. If there is any sort of...
  13. L

    I need help to get Ilmara quests

    I don't know if i did something wrong, but im not getting new quests to improve my reputation with ilmara and i don't know what to do! I would really appreciate if someone helped 😅