1. FooNeR

    Error con items en cofres

    Lo que me sucedió fue anoche al explorar una mazmorra como bien dicen la curiosidad mató al gato y al haber tanto mini boss que son los dragones estos soltaron recompensas muy buenas así que al no tener espacio no me pude llevar el contenido de un cofre que contenia : 4 lingotes de oro, un...
  2. Delgado

    Like father like son error help

    Hello, i try finish this quest but i dont see Needed NPC to remove rocks from stairs in Lannegar mine. Here should be NPC called Foreman Dallis to open the tunnel to the Baunted Galleries. In mines are goblins only Mod Note: Slight edit to tittle to better reflect nature of post.
  3. TheVoidGaurd

    Bug Bugs and error

    I had to get a new phone. But I had a cloud save I bought full game and. I restored full game but when I try to restore my save from cloud.. my lvl 20+ character save. I get this 😭😭😭😭 Screen shot of error
  4. Alntree Brokenaxe

    Skipping Magistrate

    I discovered a trick to skip events which for obvious reasons I can't share but look what happened when I did it here xD Me sorprende que ponga un diálogo que se supone que nunca tendríamos que haber visto xD MOD NOTE: Removed screenshots to address game exploit issue, changed name of thread...
  5. Pana Rao

    Google Play - Full License - Error: Transaction could not be completed

    Hello fellow Exiled travelers and support team, While attempting to purchase the full license on my Samsung S4 I receive a generic unhelpful error. 'Error: Transaction could not be completed' What I have done: 1.) Searched forums for the solution and tried a few of the suggestions 2.)...
  6. Pitroneus

    Unable to learn New Skill

    I'm playing a level 18 warrior. I have base level 5 strength and 57996 gold. When I talk to Seargant Daukar in New Garand's Warrio'rs Guild building and inquire about Heavyhand, it tells me that it will cost me 5000 gold. bu although I have more than enough gold, and more than the required base...