1. ForgedPapers

    Spoilers Hermit King (Cleric Challenge)

    @Apocalypse my second go at a challenge A monk since birth, you have always been shunned by the common folk for your strange habits and powers. Specificllay your hatred of money and your healing hands that the Three blessed. Yet this does not bother you . Since you have been able to talk you...
  2. ArkAl

    Endgame, now what?

    I've gotten to the endgame with my level 23 warrior and was wondering is there a challenge left for me other than the pot lord and the demon prince
  3. Deleted member 30241

    Impossible Challenge

    I'm just doing my daily routine and something came into my mind. What if you finish the game without using trait points? Story: Muud'ari. As any other Muud'ari. We know that they are stronger than humans right? But there is this one guy that is weaker than any other creature. He always get...
  4. Arcanmaster

    New old challenge Wimpy Kid

    Original tread: "Wimpy Kid" Challenge Author's post: I'd like to propose a challenge. How high a level everyone can obtain on Ironmode without investing a single trait point in Strength, Endurance, or Agility. I know this challenge favors Cleric builds... be that as it may. Edited to change...
  5. Apocalypse


    Back to the NEW CLASS COMPENDIUM NECROMANCER SYNOPSIS You are an ambitious Necromancer. The power of the White Abyss courses through your cold, dark veins. Embraced by the night, shunned by the sun, you are both gifted and cursed. During the day, you cower before the unforgiving sun. But...
  6. Apocalypse

    MAGE CHALLENGE: The Loreseeker School for Nerds!

    Back to the NEW CLASS COMPENDIUM LORESEEKER SYNOPSIS Tired of being a hero? Sick of having to save the world? Say no more! At the Royal Loreseeker School for Nerds, our students are scrawny little bookworms. No need for prowess nor valor: to become a Loreseeker, all you need is a green...
  7. Apocalypse

    Spoilers Ultimate Challenge Compendium

    Also check out: 10 NEW CLASSES TO DOWNLOAD! CHALLENGE COMPENDIUM OLD CHALLENGE COMPENDIUM Here is the list of the old Exiled Kingdoms Challenges created by players! Play them, brag about your victories and tell us about your character. Or create your own and I'll add it to the list...
  8. Apocalypse

    WARRIOR CHALLENGE: The Mercian Rebellion

    'Ultimate Challenge Compendium' WARRIOR CHALLENGE: THE MERCIAN REBELLION SYNOPSIS Mount a rebellion against the Iron Queen Cercei of Mercia and topple her kingdom in a few easy steps: Construct a secret weapon, raise a rebel army, assassinate the Princess of Mercia, defeat the Mercian...
  9. Wojd

    Log for Storytelling challenges and upgrades

    To help with the challenges, it seems very useful if there was a questlog showing all the titleable things you've found. For example, if you took a weapon/shield/item, if/how many times you completed a cave or place on the map, how many times you unlocked or used an ability... Basically a log of...

    Challenge: Too poor or too greedy? (Warrior,Rouge)

    Hello to all of you in this forum. I recently started a new save and gave me a challenge: You aren't allowed to buy ANYTHING from any Armor/Wapponsmith. You can buy as many potions and scrolls as you want and can play the game relatively normal buuut you only can sell Items you have found to...
  11. Apocalypse

    CLERIC CHALLENGE: Tolassian High Priest of Tol

    Back to the NEW CLASS COMPENDIUM TOLASSIAN HIGH PRIEST OF TOL GOAL: Build a Church of Tol in Nivarian, to house your Library and Reliquary. Perform the Chosen One Ritual to become Tol's High Priest and wear his Broken Crown. With Tol's power, hunt down the Fifth Sleeper to perform the...
  12. Apocalypse

    ROGUE CHALLENGE: The Varannari Albino

    Back to the NEW CLASS COMPENDIUM VARANNARI ALBINO STORY: Varannari born with white skin, you've been shun by your own people like an impiri. And the impiri see you as one of their own, because of the color of your skin. You never were green enough... This morning, you received a magical...
  13. Apocalypse

    MAGE CHALLENGE: Arcane Knight Zealot

    Back to the NEW CLASS COMPENDIUM ARCANE KNIGHT GOAL: To start the game as a true Arcane Knight of Thuram, right from the very beginning! You must play a mage, follow the "code of steel" to the letter, and learn how to wield a magical sword before starting any quest unrelated to your...