1. Neponde

    Basic builds & gameplay tips

    Introduction This thread is designed to be a starting point for new players, or if you are looking at a new class and not sure where to begin. The first and most important rule of any video game: Have fun! These builds are meant to serve as a basic template, to be modified and tailored to your...
  2. Cryf

    Death mage build balance

    Has anyone played the game only through the Vampiric Blade and Death Cloud skills? Also, the most death damage is 6 ( Shadow Blade, Soul Drinker ) sometimes 7 but little attack speed (Midnight, Maul of Desecration). For the Arcane Blade skill there are weapons with 8 damage (Nanocarbon Sword) 9...
  3. Maximilian313

    Knight Warrior (Roleplay) Build

    Equipment: 1H sword Shield Chainmail/Platemail Skills: Bash Resilience Shield Expert Cleave Body Development Duel Heavyhand Infantry Training Precision Strikes Massive Criticals Spiritual Ward Fire Ward/Death Ward/Ice Ward/Shock Ward/Toxic Ward Guild: Warrior's Guild Playstyle: Defensive
  4. Maximilian313

    Barbarian Warrior (Roleplay) Build

    Weapons: 2H only Armor: Natural Armor Recommended Skills: Whirlwind Charge Fury Cleave Two Handed Expert Battle Rage Bloodlust Heavyhand Precision Strikes Massive Criticals Spiritual Ward Guild: Warrior's Guild Playstyle: Aggresive
  5. S

    Grissenda build!

    Hello y'all, I'm a pretty new member in the community, found out about this game 2 weeks ago and it's incredible!! I'm currently a lvl 18 rogue and I'm using griss light tank as my companion. Lately I've been having trouble about skills I should give her to balance her between utility and...
  6. K

    Warrior Cleric build?

    I'm coming back to this game after a long break. I've played Summoner Mage, Archer Rogue and Ability Warrior (my favorite so far, whirlwind and cleave combo is chef's kiss), so I decided to finally give cleric a go. The main reason I've kept cleric for last was because I heard they have the...
  7. L376

    Grissenda and Hirge build for mage

    I have an elemental mage, but i have been thinking in changing to a summoner (what would you recomend?), and i use Griss as a tank with a 1-H light weapon usually, is this the most efficient way for a elemental mage?. My Hirge is having problems to survive allmost any situation, what build is...
  8. Tamisson

    Builds for Companions

    I was lazy at home and began to search for builds to your companions. When I could not find any I decided to calculate some builds for Grissenda, Adaon and Hirge. Before posting the builds I have to post some disclaimers I didn't care about what equips you should use on your companion, for...
  9. Anon

    Being a mage sucks or is it just me?

    I started this game as a warrior before but i accidentally sold out silvery mace so i decided to restart it and i chose mage this time overall i like this character but her damage is not powerful and her defense too even though i have level 14 now if my companion dies my players dies right after...
  10. TRIAX115

    Hey, new player here

    First off I just wanna say... this game is amazing. I would compare it to if Dark Souls met Diablo and had a child. It's crazy I just found this game 2-3 days ago. Splendid work on the game. I'm super excited for the update and I hope the best of luck on your new project. That being said. I'm a...