1. thessOP

    Will Archaelund have voice acting?

    If it does, how can we participate? I'm not a bad voice actor and I speak english and spanish. I'm sure David has many devout fans to help with voices and interpretations. I'm so hyped for this game. BTW, what an ambitious project. I've been following for years!
  2. BetterCallCharles

    How in God's earth does anyone beat "The Ancient Lantern" on Cruel difficulty?

    I know the answer is probably that I need to get good, but I have tried this quest more than 40 times and can't do it. I have completed every other quest except "Sign of the Blue Wolf (for obvious reasons). I have all level fours with all of the max gear, to my knowledge, available. It feels...
  3. BetterCallCharles

    Help with Red Axe resolution on Cruel difficulty (Possible spoilers)

    I am trying Cruel difficulty with no party deaths (or knockouts) (playing with save reloads) and although it was a challenge, I cleared most of the content with no problems. Some of the more challenging fights like the boss to the crypts and the boss to the dead valley I couldn't beat without...
  4. StronwLk

    David, answer pls

    I'm a Brazilian fan of this game, I just want to know 2 things: If will have an Portuguese translation for Archaelund And if u will do some new version of EK for android