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  1. Broco

    The Secrets of The Exiled Kingdoms

    Sorry for kinda out of topic but..i've been wondering at what time will we be having audience with varsilian king?
  2. Broco

    More Dungeon Needed

    So hello again to my fellow exilians..Today Im way into ancient tollasians tome and tome of lost wisdow and as for now i got all of them except from the void lord (cuz theres no available staff with sun element i mean fully sun not staff of wonder). Back to the topic, As for now im in need of...
  3. Broco

    More Quest Needed

    Mod Note: Moved to Feedback. Cant we have more quest?.. I mean not townhall one maybe more from npc in town..Im bored of doing townhall everyday cuz the other quest is done except ark and amarisa..level 21 mage here and open for quest