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    I'm curious as to whether there are any contests in the works or not? I see the other winners,but haven't seen anything about an active contest since I registered on the forums. Curious if this is something we can anticipate,or if this is a thing of the past?
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    Ranged warrior builds

    I've been crawling the forums all morning and can't seem to find anyone who has built an archery dominant warrior. I'm considering an agility based warrior build that would rely mainly on archery,but be 1h capable also. Sort of as a fallback combat method. Just curious if anyone has already...
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    Poll:EK live event

    Out of sheer curiosity I am running this poll to see who else,like myself,would like to see some sort of EK live event in the future. I envision it as a convention type event. Maybe coinciding with the release of multiplayer? I could totally see some sort of LARP event, maybe a live forum Q&A...
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    Minotaur Axe

    Just out of curiosity,how many of you have ever found a minotaur Axe in EK. I see it on the wiki,but have never found one. Not unless I hastily sold it without noticing. It's not really imperative that I have one. I have the executioner's axe, which is basically the same weapon,but vicious 2...
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    Prized Possessions

    What are your most coveted pieces in your hoard? Weapons? Armor? Jewelry? Share with us your rarest items or what you've hoarded the most of. After finishing the content from the last update,I switched my grind spot to Askatir mine. As a result of grinding to lvl up I have accumulated 10...
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    Upgradeable weapons

    I've read through this entire weapons and armor thread and rather than suggest an individual weapon idea ,I'd rather see the implementation of crafting lead to upgradeable weapons. From a smithing craft maybe? It could be at a higher level of the craft. Learn to make weapons first,then hone them...
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    Lvl 17 Rogue

    Looking for a little insight. So all opinions/advice welcomed. Not sure if my character would be considered balanced or how exactly he would be classified,but here's all the current pedigree info Don Desini lvl 17 Rogue AC 19 HP 272 Str 4 End 3 Agl 4+1 Int 3+1 Awa 3 Per 2 Dmg 12-16 +5 fire...
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    "Smugglers in the night"

    Hello All,new to the forums. Just wondering if anyone can offer any help with "smugglers in the night" quest from kardagis of the seventh house in new grand sewers. Can't seem to ever find those guys. Also I'm still looking for Dartos' ring of elements. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.