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  1. Billhuggins

    Orgash Skin-peeler?

    I ran into a weird level 13 minotaur in the Steel Coast. Named Orgash Skin-peeler. It was in the steel coast, just south of the new anthur bay. The north east crossing to the new anthur bay zone (not the road crossing). He's not in the wiki. And minotaurs shouldn't be in that zone that I...
  2. Billhuggins

    Flanking and sneak attack with elemental

    So, in doing testing, elemental damage does NOT get boosted by flanking or sneak attack. This seems like it can have dramatic repercussions, depending on how serious you are about flanking and sneak attack. I'm level 9 rogue, with Gris. Gris kicks and whirls enough that flanking is pretty...