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  1. Alan_SP

    Journey Towards 100%

    I would guess that everything possible (and something not possible) is here: Exiled Kingdoms Wiki :D
  2. Alan_SP

    Bring mouse and keyboard support to Android

    Yes, it's true. But it was originally written in Archaelund category.
  3. Alan_SP

    Проблема сохранения на Android

    Google play games is Google's emulator for different platforms, to emulate Android system and enable playing games. Those error messages come from Google play games, and not from the game itself.
  4. Alan_SP

    Bring mouse and keyboard support to Android

    I have moved thread to Archaelund forum.
  5. Alan_SP

    Can not back up.

    It's not hidden, it's that now Android in newer versions doesn't allow access to certain parts of file system. It affects everyone. There's some solutions, you can also google it more, but for start, check this video: You can check this article too: How do I gain access to Android/data or...
  6. Alan_SP

    Can not back up.

    Are you sure? This directory is under protection from Android, any you have to use Files (the name of file managing app) to go there and see it now. :( So, you probably have ek.bak there, but you can't see it with regular file apps.
  7. Alan_SP

    Where to find log and save files

    You have to manually save, either in cloud, or in file system. :( If you didn't do it, you can't retrieve it. And, as it's a new phone, you can now try to restore cloud save, in case that you have manually saved it before.
  8. Alan_SP

    What if Exiled Kingdoms had the option to choose races

    You can check Archaelund, which is newest game by David the Developer, where you can choose races, among other things:
  9. Alan_SP

    How to? Account/Purchasing Recovery

    You can restore purchase only on Android phones. For iOS version of the game, you'll have to purchase it again for iOS version. They are two separate platforms (Google and Apple).
  10. Alan_SP

    How o recover my account

    Did you tried to use restore purchase, if it's the same account you used to make purchase? Also, if you have more than one account on your device, Google can have issues with that, so please remove other accounts, and leave only the account you used for purchase. You also should be able to...
  11. Alan_SP

    Updating italian translation

    Sorry, at the moment translation of EK is closed. :(
  12. Alan_SP

    How o recover my account

    Do you use same platform (for example, Android -> Android, or iOS -> iOS)? Do you use same account on both phones?
  13. Alan_SP

    There should be different forums

    Well, it might be obvious to me, as we have different categories of forums, which are also visible in bread crumbs, so you always know where you are, in Archaelund or Exiled Kingdoms category. But, what would be your suggestion? Edit: I did small change in showing categories. Now when you...
  14. Alan_SP

    Save files

    Saving to the cloud is not automatically done. You have to save it manually to be able to retrieve it. So, I guess that progress is forfeit unless you have access to the old save files somehow.
  15. Alan_SP

    Problem I've been having with the iOS version of the game.. Any help?

    If you just switched from Android, you probably played on Android latest version, which is not supported on iOS latest version, that might explain your old save files not working. In short, save files made on Android won't work on iOS, because iOS doesn't have latest EK version. :( Not sure if...
  16. Alan_SP

    Purple Medalion Problem

    The thread is here: Purple Medalion Problems
  17. Alan_SP

    Oh oh... Android won't let me load my old saves

    This does look to be a big issue. :( Now it's much more complicated process. :( I have found this video, and it worked for me: You will need to use "Files" (whatever that is), to copy EK.bak to and from appropriate DATA folder for importing and exporting from file...
  18. Alan_SP

    Can't download game from PlayStore

    There are also two versions of EK: First version is "full" version, you have to buy to play it, second version has demo, and you can unlock it with...
  19. Alan_SP

    Will you be hiring other developers to speed up release

    Hi, I think you have misread info. I wish that Archaelund has 40k sales (and I wish much, much more sales over the time), but 40k number is number of wishlists: Original text is here:
  20. Alan_SP

    Gift from my family

    My suggestions would be: a) Put it in the box and write on the box: It's Pandora's, don't touch, don't open. b) Get back to coding, Archaelund won't write itself. And if you want to relax after hard day of coding, look at trees, hear some birds sing, enjoy breeze on your face, eat something...