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  1. Darteous

    There should be different forums

    They're really trying hard to get us dames, how thoughtful of them.
  2. Darteous

    There should be different forums

    maybe a drop down when people go to make a thread requiring they select which game theyre talking about so people dont accidentally post in the wrong section.
  3. Darteous

    Thread for minor area issues: getting stuck, passing through objects, visual glitches.

    With the completeable quest now if you run up to the blacksmith the positioning of a couple of the swords change. Also the female nameless NPC that you can't talk to ontop of the hill by the Paladin will walk through the fence. I feel like if the comes back to the shouldn't they add a few...
  4. Darteous

    Resources for the Wiki

    The item list is missing sword of the blue steel longsword. And how do I zoom out on the map to give a better view? I'll post a screenshot of mine that is filled out a bit better
  5. Darteous

    Suggestion: Make conduits a true traveling network

    I was thinking it'd be cool if a follow up quest to finding the orb for the town is finding out it's an ancient conduit tool and being able to turn it back on with the loreseekers help mid game thus gaining more fame in the town, maybe a house purchase option?
  6. Darteous

    Suggestion: Make all items stackable

    Are all stack limits supposed to be limited to 20? I'd have to log in to double check, but one item went over 20, I think it was the penny. I'm holding the silks too, also holding a bunch of the quest items, would be nice if they simply disappeared after so we don't have to worry about...
  7. Darteous

    How do you farm?

    People have explained the circumstance, but to answer the question to farm you need to wait until the enemies on the beach respawn, I think it's about a week respawn time and then chase down all of the norrax and get their scales and sometimes eggs and then also take out the 3 bandits clusters...
  8. Darteous

    Party Build Discussion / Review

    I take it you weren't on cruelty when you beat the top of the devils horn without potions? That seems impossible. Also there are currently 3 companions, a mage was been added with the last update.
  9. Darteous

    idea: humanoid enemies always drop their gear

    So then will the damage at times be conditional? If I redo a fight because I want to get an item and have it not be damaged beyond repair will I be able to use arrows and fireballs on said enemy character to have it be received in repairable condition?
  10. Darteous

    Hekemite gem inquiry

    I could never kill the bug at the doorway fast enough for that tactic to work.
  11. Darteous

    The hills are empty

    I'll check it when I get home this evening, protesting for the environment this afternoon. 1706914882 The hills to the unfinished territory by the bandits appears to be closed off. Above the pirates and behind the unaccessible dungeon are both still accessible.
  12. Darteous

    Hekemite gem inquiry

    An imperial crown use is necessary, also a way to bind one of them is fairly necessary as well. Definitely doable, took a few tries, but I managed then reset and did it again because of the shockwave knocked out one of my guys after the fight.
  13. Darteous

    Wildlings drops?

    Currently ones guarding an unnecessary fountain and the other you can skip by just running past them. Then there the ones guarding the devil's horn. Ya in the future I'm sure they won't stand out so much, but with our current limitations I feel they could use a dwarfing,
  14. Darteous


    Beat the lantern, my first attempts last week didn't have a chance because I built the characters all wrong, then this week with the change in consumption cost, the increase in healing cost, and the increased armor penalty so garette can't wear the brigandine chest it was still pretty much...
  15. Darteous

    The hills are empty

    And right outside the friendly bandit camp on the left you can climb a hill and even get to spots that the map is just black, a bit beyond the tiny waterfall, some of the land art isn't finished there and when you jump in the ocean the visual pretty quickly becomes black as opposed to being able...
  16. Darteous

    The hills are empty

    Fairly certain the only spot to get up there is over by where those rats spawn.
  17. Darteous

    Sign of the blue wolf?

    Can we currently find the person that hired grozzo to find the sign of the blue wolf?
  18. Darteous

    Thread For Wording/Description issues: typos, incorrect descriptions, etc.

    Barbarian armor says "this 'armor' can distract an enemy long enough to save you from a blow." but has 0 avoidance, based on the description I'd argue it should have a couple points towards avoidance.
  19. Darteous

    The hills are empty

    The hills behind the dungeon we can't access don't have a single enemy, chest, dead body, or plant on them, the ones behind the bandit camp too. Are we not supposed to be able to get up there? It's a pretty large area for there to be nothing up there, I'd figured there'd be at least a plant or...
  20. Darteous

    What full race party should I do next on Cruel?

    Oh, when I think horn fight I think the horn you get for beating a few undead, I forgot the tower was called devils horn.