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    Rogue - Heavy Hand or Assassinate?

    Little more testing... I did some more tests with my Rogue. I saved the game before The Sewer of Horrors quest. This one is realy hard! My lvl29 Rogue with Assassinate did it. My lvl29 Rogue with Heavy Hand went through very hardly so I gave it up in a half. So the conclusion is: Assasinate is...
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    Best damage all classes

    Could you share your mage build? Skills, Traits, Equipment. Thanks
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    Rogue - Heavy Hand or Assassinate?

    Wow, nice screenshots. How did you get 130 damage per hit? That is impossible. You can get only ca 30 bonus from traits... If 130 damage is real, then Heavy Hand (+5 damage) is redundant and I agree that Assassinate is much better.
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    Rogue - Heavy Hand or Assassinate?

    I am 25lvl Rogue and cannot decide which skill to train (cannot have both since each is different guild). Assasinate Stab: Extra damage: 10 + (level * 2) with cooldown 9 sec Assasinate: 35% chance of Stab immediate cooldown Result = Extra damage +60 every 6s (on average) (+) High damage bonus...
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    Is Assassinate really a fantastic skill?

    Assassinate works, but it is active skill. That means you must click on it every time to use And then cooldown. For that reason I prefere Heavyhand to Assassinate. I think +5 dmg is better tham assassinate every 6 seconds (9 seconds - 35% instant cooldown).
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    Rogue balance proposal

    I dont think I have bad build. My Rogue already has Massive Criticals and Precision Strikes. Nevertheless, I think it is not enough. Warriors are easier. Why is the Cleave skill only for Warriors? Rogue deals good damage only if using Active Skills which means you can do a lot of damage only...
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    Rogue balance proposal

    I played as Warrior and melee Rogue, each one till level 21+, and can say that Warrior is much balanced and easier than Rogue. Rogues have low DPH due to weak weapons such as daggers and short swords. This causes that killing low level enemies is fast, however, slaying bosses is extremely...
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    Exiled Kingdoms Wiki - do you want to become an editor?

    Hi, I would like to contribute to wiki. As I am playing I can regularly update certain quests / locations. Wiki name = JH