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  1. Aalandryll

    any tips on playing solo characters?

    Certain quests are timed, but otherwise it does not matter if you have 30 days game time or 3000 days game time... Currently... the game is still in beta and while I don't think David will change that...
  2. Aalandryll

    Got 2nd Devourer Sting anyone?

    Drop rate is the same for Devourers at both the Askatir Mines and Imperial Fortress. The only reason, it seems better at the Mines, is that there are more Devourers there... Generally, as long as the mobs have the same name they drop the same stuff with the same rate. The exception to this is...
  3. Aalandryll

    Poisoned River Quest

    The Wiki Is Your Friend... And when it does not have everything, scanning the forum for related posts is a good choice too...
  4. Aalandryll

    Dev Stack?

    There is 1 dev. David. From my understanding, build number will jump greatly on e iOS is implemented because it is using same structure, engine, and content as Android. Just a different store. So while thereay be longer test periods in between releases to make sure both sides of the...
  5. Aalandryll

    Trap problems

    What level is your rouge? I believe it is -3 per level above your character. That was a level 20 trap...So while your base could be 100% or even higher... if the trap is higher level the penalty drops that percentage.
  6. Aalandryll

    What does your forum user name mean?

    While definitely not everyone... that definitely applies to some of us... considering my 25th reunion is coming up...
  7. Aalandryll

    The next update

    There will be no work done on Android side of the house for a couple weeks as David ports over everything to ios fully. Once the port is done and EK is available in the Apple Store, then work will continue on the other portions of the 0.9 updates. There is a post of upcoming features for 0.9...
  8. Aalandryll

    Maze of Lamth?

    Even magic items can and will break over time... And not all of the of the japtem is magically enhanced... You are correct that most of the other games do a 50% sell rate... but EK is not other games, and I much prefer the reality and immersiveness here to a great number of other games. I base...
  9. Aalandryll

    Maze of Lamth?

    Pots of Lesser Resto ftw.. much better than pots of greater healing. At least at higher levels... run until almost dead, pop that wonderful golden applely goodness into your mouth and 50% of missing immediately recovers... when you have over 200 hp it is better than the 90 you would get...
  10. Aalandryll

    What does your forum user name mean?

    Aalandryll was a drow thief in a short story I wrote back in Junior High that went on to be published in a small gaming magazine that went under a long time ago. I am by no means the only person using it elsewhere, and it is somewhat annoying when I try to use it and someone else already has it...
  11. Aalandryll

    Dragons respawn

    Correct, although honestly there are much better weapons in the game than any of the dragon drops in my opinion... Now the buckler on the other hand...
  12. Aalandryll

    Nintendo 64
  13. Aalandryll

    Maze of Lamth?

    But more areas were added to allow that growth. Bluesteel Mauls can be found in Nilomar Cape, Bluesteel Mauls and Greataxes with the orcs along the Steel Coast and Imperial Fortress. Trust me it is balanced more favorably overall and if one hunting ground loses its appeal another is available...
  14. Aalandryll

    Maze of Lamth?

    Re: Maze of Lamth WTF? Well considering the level of access and ability to defeat that section, and what is upcoming, I can understand why it was likely tweaked. As new areas are added and future ones are planned and developed, previous areas get modified to reflect the new information. That...
  15. Aalandryll

    Double 'A Shady Traveler'

    I have seen the issue with a second not acting the way expected, and that has been reported. The OP seems to be saying the opposite though where the first could not be interacted with, but the 2nd could.
  16. Aalandryll

    So...I'd like to complain that new stuff is too good?

    Please PM me your build... a level 5 or 6 rogue should not be able to complete that quest easily. Who was your companion?
  17. Aalandryll

    Scrolls off wisdom

    In game days. So 36 minutes real time. And I need to test this, but in your character sheet there is a details button. All effects currently in play should be listed there.
  18. Aalandryll

    Double 'A Shady Traveler'

    I am not sure I understand the issue. It is highly possible, given the number of spawn points and number of possible random encounter types to have more than 1 of the same type of spawn, even on the same map. Are you trying to say you were unable to interact fully with the first one, but were...
  19. Aalandryll

    Typos - small errors, please notify here.

    Spelling noted for when I get to that dialogue for David. Monsters spawning is actually not a bug. It is that way to prevent an exploit where players could save and exit and the mobs would disappear. The spawn is a straight timer now... so if it is over x number of minutes since you entered...
  20. Aalandryll

    [SPOILER ALERT!!!] PPP - Panics precious plans (Maps, Secrets, Hints)

    As per feldon's suggestion, all base maps for the new areas have been uploaded. I will continue working on getting them pinned and commented. I will then go through and replace all of the old maps with the new formatting and updated features. I am also planning on stitching all of the maps...