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    Summoner Question

    It works with summoning scrolls and skills
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    Share Your Collection

    I have saved basically every unique and am still holding out hope for a mage companion. I also got bored and am starting to search for full sets of random armor, that’s what the nivarian chests are. And of course that collection couldn’t be complete without a couple of any potion I could ever...
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    Bloodlust “glitch”

    Ok, I wasn’t sure if that was intentional or not just checking.
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    Bloodlust “glitch”

    Not sure if this is really a glitch per say but if your companion lands the final hit bloodlust doesn’t activate which massively nerfs the skill, especially if your companion is the heavy hitter on your team.
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    Death of initiate

    I ran into an issue where if you don’t kill the ghost it doesn’t drop the mace(for example if seargent dumek kills it) it’s possible that’s what happened hear
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    New Garand Town hall quests not giving reputation

    My reputation in New Garand won’t get higher from town hall quests, I’m at 78 reputation and doing town hall quests won’t increase it. For clarification other town hall quests give reputation (Nivarian) 1600033706 Also when I do a kings bridge quest I get kingsbridge reputation but not varsilian
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    New achievement idea

    I think a cool idea for a new achievement could be killing 1 of every enemy in the game (including unique enemies)
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    Item update thread

    If an end game endurance cloak is added it could be a drop from the king of korne. He is a really tough enemy that has no unique drops, which is uncommon for an enemy of his difficulty
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    Item update thread

    It could be nice to add some high level unique boots. I feel like my boots are never that great and there aren’t that many unique ones, same with pants. Any type of trait boost would be cool.
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    How to fight BOTH Flame Prophet and Undermother

    There should be a detailed walkthrough on the wiki but basically you first talk to the undermother she tells you about the shard in the flame prophet. Then when you meet the flame prophet she will tell you that there is another shard in the undermother, then say the option that is something like...
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    Ankh glitch

    Nah it’s not that bad, I just made a new character and got back to where I was in a couple of days irl. It turns out 3rd time is the charm because I finally beat Ironman without running into any unexpected glitches.
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    Ankh glitch

    I don’t know. I didn’t do anything special I don’t think. I entered the vending machine in the reactor and got surprised by 4 of the spiders. I activated battle prayer and while it was casting I died. Then It game-overed me.
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    Ankh glitch

    I actually was... in the ark. So that was a big rip
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    Item update thread

    I think an endurance 2 cloak would be really good. And the ring of unlife doesn’t have any health or armor which is why I don’t use it 1599338510 Also maybe make the undermothers hide stronger if you beat her unweakened.
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    Possible stun glitch

    For some reason the dirk of betrayals stun one is stunning enemies for 12 seconds instead of 2
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    Ankh glitch

    For clerics with intervention there is a glitch where if your mana and health hit 0 at the same time the ankh doesn’t activate and you die
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    Item update thread

    A new end game cloak for warrior. The cloak of might is good but rendered obsolete very quickly by the force belt and I feel like in the end game my cloak is doing little to nothing. Also maybe an end game ring for non-magic users. The ring of the bull is the only real good one
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    Tell us when you gain a level - share your character build advancement :)

    Finally beat the game on iron man! Did it in 166 days
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    Quality of life Change for clerics

    Since the news came out that the game is being updated again I would like to suggest a quality of life improvement for members of the church of the three. If you are a member the gates in the hall of wisdom shouldn’t be there. Or at least not the one at the entrance since you can already...