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  1. Invector

    Summoner Question

    I’m to the point where my mage is ready to start purchasing some advanced skills, and I’m wondering about “Summoner”. Does it work with summoning scrolls or only with skills---Fire, Ice, and Earth mastery?
  2. Invector

    Another Mage Question

    I currently have "staff mastery" maxed, but looking at the "wand mastery" skill has me wondering. Level 4 states that a wand attack generates a pushback of 2m. Does this happen with each and every attack or is it random like so many other things in the game? A 2m pushback with each attack would...
  3. Invector

    A reputation Question

    In my first run through the game as a warrior, I gave the medallion to Spice Trader Jethro instead of Fritha Rhayader (“Spicing Things Up” quest). My reasoning was that it was better to have a good reputation with the Golden Hand so as to gain access to the Grey Library, than it was to have a...
  4. Invector

    Question regarding mages

    I finished the game with a warrior and am now playing a mage, and would like some advice about dealing with werewolves. Since there are no "silver" staffs or wands, what is the best way to fight them? Thanks
  5. Invector

    XP Farming Suggestion

    I apologize if something like this has already been posted, but I ran a search and couldn’t find anyone who has mentioned it. Lord knows I'm no expert at this game, but I thought this might be of worth for anyone looking for XP farming suggestions. I run a route that begins in the Sanctuary of...
  6. Invector

    A question regarding DPS

    I've got another question I'm hoping one of you can answer. It's regarding base damage vs. DPS on weapons. I know there are a lot of variables when it comes to choosing the best weapon, but leaving out all the additional attributes a weapon may have, and just looking at the base damage and DPS...
  7. Invector

    Question about Dire Wolf Summoning

    The scroll: Summon Dire Wolf claims to work for all classes, but I can't figure out how it works with a Warrior. It requires "INT 2", which I have, and "Casting: 6", which I don't understand? Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks!
  8. Invector

    Random Bosses (original title: I have a question I hope someone can answer)

    A short time ago I was traveling through Northwest Sagar Forest when I ran into three enemies I've never seen before. Two were "Troll Shamans", which I can find descriptions of on the Wiki, but the third was "Morog the Sacrilegous", which I can't find anything about. All searches come up empty...