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    So did anyone else take on the Forsaken in the Arc?

    I did if for a laugh... I didn't even survive long enough to get a second potion down.
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    Mage V's Werewolves

    So as far as I know there is no silver wand or staff. So for a Mage V's Werewolves is a fire wand/staff the best (not counting skill attacks)? Just imagine a justice wand, you know sliver with fire damage (HINT HINT)
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    Hired help

    So I've completed all current content. I spend my days just wandering the land taking on the odd Rumor Boss when they appear and generally doing good. Idle hands are the Devils playground as they say and It got me thinking... What if I started hiring mercenaries, As you know they aren't made...
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    Hirge and Breno attacking me

    So I'm messing around in the Icemist Underlevels with my warrior. I'm getting a few Energy Cells and I figure, Hey why not get Hirge to drink them. After all once she casts a heal she will be up on both health and mana. So I get her to use/drink it. The thing is I don't think she appreciated...
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    Stat's over 10

    Hi with the new experience requirement for levels I found I had extra stat points to spend. I thought I would check out my DPS with an 11 in strength but it wouldn't allow me to increase it past 10. Has anyone else seen this?
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    Possible glitch

    Hi I have been running through trying different things and may have discovered a glitch Instead of talking it out or fighting him I ran away from Valeran down onto the next map and when I got back he wasn't there any more. When I eventually finish it again I'll let you know how it ends up.
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    Bag of holding

    Do you think when Diamonds are released that you could craft a greater bag of holding instead? One with multiple tabs...
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    The Vicious Weapons page is all messed up

    Someone who can edit this page needs some love. ... us_Weapons
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    The down side of being a Cleric

    So I've started a play through as a Cleric (currently 8th lvl) but I must say I am a little frustrated. The Sword of shock and the Icicle aren't usable by Cleric's. I guess I'll have to hold out I'm high enough level to get Destiny or the Golem fist.