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  1. Aalandryll

    Elemental Imps and their drops

    So Fire Imps drop Vulcan Daggers, Ice Imps drop Daggers of Ice, why do Shock Imps not drop some sort of Shocking Daggers? They are dropping Daggers of Ice as well... I know there are none in the game currently... but... It makes sense for them to follow the same pattern.
  2. Aalandryll

    Regarding Town Hall Quests - Suggestions and Feedback

    So while I know it makes it much easier, particularly with the number of them for each kingdom I would like to suggest that you have more variability with them... First of all there are many different types of things that could have been taken or discerned by oracles... Taken: Paintings...
  3. Aalandryll

    Suggestions for the main splash page of the app

    I would like to recommend a link be added next to the forum button that links to the wiki. Also, would it be possible to have a backup/restore button there? It would make doing backups simpler.
  4. Aalandryll

    Exiled Kingdoms Wiki - do you want to become an editor?

    As most probably know by now, we have a wiki: If you want to help out, that's great! We need all the help we can get. Please make sure you read the rules below, if you do not follow the instructions, the requested access will not be granted. How to become a...
  5. Aalandryll

    Random Encounter - Spawn Point issues

    So, it seems that this may be a recurring issue as different types of encounters occur at the various spawn points... going to sticky this for all to add to as they encounter them
  6. Aalandryll

    STICKY - Minor Graphics Issues

    Since we have multiple threads for these I will be closing down the others and merging active ones here... This thread is for identification of small graphical glitches... things being put on an incorrect map layer... things that should be there but aren't , like chests or other containers...
  7. Aalandryll

    Siamese Wolves...

    Apparently there are rare Siamese twin wolves running around Sagar Forest... I am guessing it is because both items are a percentage based drop, but you need an if statement in the code, if one, not the other... I have been getting both types of skins from a single wolf quite often... at least...
  8. Aalandryll

    Iron Man - Unneccesary popup

    On Iron Man you cannot follow the tutorial guide to saving... either text block for this difficulty level needs to be changed to reflect what can be done, or the pop up needs to go away.
  9. Aalandryll

    Minor South Sagar Forest Graphics

    In clearing of NW corner where goblins hang out. When standing over the skeletal corpse it comes out of your chest like an alien bursting free after having your face hugged... And I am assuming the crate hidden under the trees on this map is supposed to be there... I like it, it makes sense...
  10. Aalandryll

    BUG - Potential video overload, crash spot,

    So before running the big hunt from the unnamed colony. Eventually that behavior will cause issues with memory, processing, overheating, etc... And am pretty sure its not supposed to happen.
  11. Aalandryll

    BUG - Companion 0 HP on rescurection

    So David, I know you said you had fixed this issue, and I do have the latest and greatest available... Relatively easy to replicate the issue I am having though. So have your companion get killed in an area where mobs are at, do not kill the mobs, leave the area. When new map loads, companion...
  12. Aalandryll

    Monster Ideas and Questions

    While I know there are a lot of different monsters currently in play, more on the way, there are some I am not sure are in the plans... For example: Mimics, Dwarves, Man-Eating Plants of all types, aquatic monsters if we get someway to breathe and move effectively underwater, Elves...
  13. Aalandryll

    POSSIBLE BUG - .bak issue only 1 character shown

    Ok, so I had to rebuild my laptop since the hdd failed on it, and I thought hey, since I am a tester and LoreKeeper, I might as well use BlueStacks to play the game and be able to use my full keyboard when typing reports and making entries on the wiki. Makes sense right? Well, I created the...
  14. Aalandryll

    BUG - English to Spanish and Back Transition Problems

    I will continue to add instances of this problem as I find them. To replicate, switch from English to Spanish, and then back to English. All of the following items remained in Spanish after performing the above action. 1. Donate button 2. Available points when creating a new character. 3...
  15. Aalandryll

    BUG - Loot bag problems

    Am in the maze and a mino dropped... well something. The loot bag is there, I can click it, I get the sound of it being opened, but the container screen does not pop open... so malfunctioning bag... Saved and tried to reload, same issue. Who knows what's in there? Could be The Holy Grail or a...
  16. Aalandryll

    BUG - Iron Man Save and Exit issue

    Ok... so I had completed the quest for Gris... done some running around for xp and loot, had gotten some decent drops for the areas... so I go to leave... save and exit. No problem right? Log back in, I am 2 days in the past, have not completed the quest or started it for Gris... and all the...
  17. Aalandryll

    Flavor Text

    Ok, so I know this is really low priority, but... First off, if playing a female character, all of the text interactions assume I am male... kind of off putting to anyone who wants to be immersed in their character. Second, having some of the NPC interaction and dialogs be different based on...
  18. Aalandryll

    BUG - Outlaw Bandit Random

    So after encountering one group of outlaw bandits on the road and shutting down their aggressive business model. 2 maps later I ran into another bunch, who instead of being aggressive and demanding money just let me pass as if I had paid them... either the dialogue needs to be adjusted to...
  19. Aalandryll

    BUG - Friendly rating not activating mobs/quests/travel options

    In Kingsbridge with friendly rating at 13 and Ferry boatman says I need to be friendly before he will take me anywhere.
  20. Aalandryll

    BUG(s) - Minor Graphical Errors

    Figured I might as well just start a thread for minor graphical errors, like items you can walk through when you shouldnt, sprites that are incorrect, etc. So far I have only found 1... but will continue to add here. North Sagar Forest, northwest corner, left tent can be walked through as if...