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    Forgotten tales

    Does anyone play this game? I like it but its just hard to level up...
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    Taking too long with the new update

    And im seriously getting pissed off!
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    Not a tester

    I am supposed to be a tester but i cant get the update... when will i get the regulat update?
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    I am a tester

    But i didnt get the update today. Did i miss something?
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    Ancient tolassian skillbook tomes

    Is there anything besides leveling up that gives extra skill points and will we ever see anything like that? And will there be more ancient tolassian tomes in future updates?
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    The arena

    I think the arena should give us the opportunity to fight bosses to get items we missed. Also an oblivion type thing to become grand champion or something and become renowned in all factions and even part of a quest where a reward for a certain battle is a quest item or something crazy also...
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    Some monsters level up with me right? Because i plan on getting all my skills maxed in about 30 more levels and even with skills maxed out i definately think ill need stronger equipment to fight off level 40-50 monsters so we definately have to think of something creative and fun that wont seem...
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    What is the symbol that looks like the sun?

    Is it resist all or resist light? Because that is useful info that i cant figure out