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    Warrior 1 handed or 2 handed

    2 Handed all the way!!!... In my opinion that is. You can get the steel great sword from Kingsbridge pretty early and by the time you need better you will have found something else or at least be able to afford something better. Timing (and strength and skills) is the key to the 2HW why rush...
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    2H Weapons choice

    I wish I'd kept the Maul. Werewolves and silver damages wasn't always a thing :( I carry a silver great sword (where you have the maul), I also carry Rancor for Trolls and the Axe if the Minotaur King for the Arc. For everything else is the Adamanite Greatsword. You only really need to keep...
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    Any suggestions for 2H Warrior advanced skills?

    Battle rage and heavy hand
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    How to kill vampires¿????????????

    Drinking from each fountain in the hopes that your blood will be tainted and you become a Vampire does not turn out the way you would hope.
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    How many secrets do you have?

    I am 93 now
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    How many secrets do you have?

    92... After the latest update.
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    Best damage all classes

    For a single hit its going to be the rogue or maybe the mage I really haven't gotten into the mage yet. But there is nothing like wading into a mob with a 2 handed warrior with battle rage and fury triggered and whirlwinding them all at once. 7 at one blow... only if they can get close enough.
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    Help me build warrior

    There is also a lot better armor in the Ashen Cape before you get to the Arc. Grind that until you get the full Ashen set and have fun. You are walking the line between strength and agility and in my opinion I don't think that works well in this game. Focus on one or the other.
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    Questions on seemingly incomplete features.

    You could also add Uncover the next layer of the Lannegar Mine. Gain access to castle at Mount Storme. Unlock the third layer of the Sewer of Horrors.
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    For Sewer of Horror, do I have to take Breno with me?

    Mate you've got me confused with the OP.
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    For Sewer of Horror, do I have to take Breno with me?

    I used him to give me flanking. That said I am finding the second time without him a lot easier.
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    Sewer of horrors farming

    I've been grinding/farming the SOH. I must be having a bad run as one dragon just drops 2 scrolls and gold (3 out of 4 times) I got a scroll of Recall, a scroll of summon dire wolf and 1064 gold last time.
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    Primeval Bear Question

    The bears in the mountains don't re spawn. The ones in the cave do.
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    So did anyone else take on the Forsaken in the Arc?

    I did if for a laugh... I didn't even survive long enough to get a second potion down.
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    Mage NPC?

    I hope its Amarisa.
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    Adaon really will disarm trap?

    I noticed in my game when he automatically disarmed traps I didn't get any experience for it. Is that normal?
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    Best for Secrets quest??

    I give 2 to each. It lets me get access to the 7th hand without having to kill them besides who know what creature could be made with those books. I don't want to be responsible for bringing that into the world by uniting all 4 books.
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    Getting frustrated

    Might help to list your build and equipment. It's hard to give an opinion otherwise.
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    Mage V's Werewolves

    So as far as I know there is no silver wand or staff. So for a Mage V's Werewolves is a fire wand/staff the best (not counting skill attacks)? Just imagine a justice wand, you know sliver with fire damage (HINT HINT)