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    That awkward moment when...(facepalm moments)

    ...When you bring cruetly to gorx lair and you can't kill imps and dragons This actually happened to me
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    Betrayal of the Three?

    Don't think of it like a class. Think of it like a "different type" of cleric much like how 2h warrior is to 1h warrior.
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    Betrayal of the Three?

    According to the game it states that "Clerics may lose their powers if they defy the Three". Do you guys clerics will ever gain the opportunity to defy the Three? Perhaps join the forsaken? If this could ever happen it would be nice if you can "lose" your holy powers and gain powers from the...
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    When did this game get so easy

    So I have played Exiles Kingdoms alot in the past and went very far with my 2h warrior. I recall that I defeat that mirmek queen or whatever and completed all the quest at the time. Alot has changed while I was gone especially the price adjustments. Chainmail is extremely cheap now and I managed...
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    My video

    As many you know who watch my gyides I have stopped making videos. I want to let you know that the readon for this is because I have regents and finals to prep for. I heard there are new quests and encounters. Once it fonish I will make more during summer sorry everyone
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    Things I learned from Exiled Kingdoms

    You forgot 3, you gives people money when they die you cant find the money
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    Sea Battles and Battleships

    Perhaps you could fight payees Pirates or lead them love the idea btw
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    Centurion Kanum

    He is in the guard post that is outside of Freetown
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    Cant find this new dungeon anywhere

    This thread is hot just like the cloth I used to clean troll blood off cruelty
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    list of good weapons found so far in game

    Lol i am not used to clrric weapon so anything thats not cruelty sucks :lol:
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    Killing it!

    What like you :twisted:
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    Encountet idea

    What if one day you walk across a bridge and a giant troll comes out and announces that you need to pay 5 gold. He is a idiot so he thinks 5 gold is alot but then you could tell him 5 gold is a little so he charges you 6 coins. You get option to kill him.but he is level 20 and could two git you
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    list of good weapons found so far in game

    This isn't a good weapon I don't think it should be included in the list
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    Heroic helm

    Dang I kill the ice dragon but I never get the heroic helm btw can someone tell me the stats for it
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    Lol i wish dave ssid this would already be too op
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    *takes out fire blade* ok
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    Hiring multiple adventurers

    I strongly agree also if you need help check my ealktrough vids what level r u
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    The power of fast healing DOES NOT lie within trolls but rather grissenda and Adaon I shall steal grissenda's blood and become immortal :twisted:
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    Into the walls of fire [spoiler]

    Did any one else enter the new area that dave put it the cauldron will all the fire drakes? Very challenging realized I need fire resist also when I went inside the only way I could kill the imps were one shots