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    Finished The Game as an Rogue

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    I need help building an adon as useful as grissenda

    Spell Mages are kite fighters. Cast a spell, run around /dodging enemy until the cool downs expire, than cast again. Running a circle around a group of enemies can -with practice- get them bunched into a tight group so a fireball hits them all. Ice Strom can be devasting if you effectively...
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    Adon does not create traps

    On an older version of the game, traps were more plentiful and more deadly. That made trap detection a more valuable ability, esp on Hard and Ironman. When traps got nerfed in both numbers and severity, trap detection became less valutable, and this Adaon became less valuable.
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    I need help building an adon as useful as grissenda

    There was a time, so so long ago, when you could push Adaon into traps. The trap would get set off, killing Adaon but leaving you unharmed. THAT was the most useful Adaon has ever been. Opinions vary but the general consensus is that Griss is the best of the three companions. That has to do...
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    merple issue still not resolved

    Merples spawn (or not spawn) when the map re-sets. Maps re-set when: 1: 12 minutes of real time pass (or is it 9 minutes?). Have to leave the map , and map will reset when re-entering area. 2: A 12-hour rest at an inn. 3: Loading a save (all maps except the one the player is on reset with save...
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    Impossible to play after choosing the seventh house

    Yep, that can be a challenge. A common request is for more in-game warning about the impacts of the game in choosing a guild, or a way to reset a guild choice.
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    My understanding is the knight never stops appearing.
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    Can not back up.

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    A few questions

    Early game, money is a little tight. Mid-game, money tends to be okay. End-game, money tends to be plentiful. Common big purchases are: All vaults (the last one gets steep) One or both houses (One in New Garland, one in Nivaria) Belts. The +2 STR Belt can be fairly easily acquired in the...
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    Have all three blessed other members of other races?

    The Invisible Swap Donkey blesses all non-human races. The ISD tends to kick humans across the screen.
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    The game as a wizard is a bit boring

    And how are you going to multi-class?
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    The game as a wizard is a bit boring

    Main Mage Options (very general): Summon + Range Spells (no summons) + Range Arcane Knight (melee) Summons + Range tends to boil down to hide behind your Companion / Summons. Spells focus tends to boil down to sniping with elemental spells (a lot of running) Arcane Knight tends to work towards...
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    The 5th Sleeper

    A Billionaire Alien who took a space shuttle to a different planet to escape a fraud conviction. Sometimes fleeing to a tropical island just isn't far enough.... The game is deliberately vague.
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    Not at this time.
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    Game crashes iOS 16

    The Apple Problem strikes again. Apple has made it extremely difficult for small independent game developers to use its platform. One of the ways they have done that is using a moving target for gave development. An increasing number of older games are incompatible with Apple, and Apple wont...
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    Question about grissenda AI

    That is true. So does bash if they are knocked towards you.
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    Can not back up.

    You can export the bac file from Exiled Kingdoms, and than load that file into the file spot. Once you do it once or twice, it's not too hard. Just don't loose the file.
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    Question about grissenda AI

    I think whirlwind is a much better skill for Gris. It has the same ability to break up log jams at doorways, etc, and can hit multiple enemies.
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    Question about grissenda AI

    The AI with active skills can be a bit.... underwhelming? Keep in mind the skill has a pretty long cooldown (16 seconds at level 1). If you put Gris on "Attack everything in sight" she will be a more aggressive and use Active skills a little more frequently (but not always effectively). If...
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    Kalagru the Sloth

    He's the hardest fight in the game, totally optional. So not much else to use those supplies?