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    Bash skill glitch

    Might not be, but maybe you are one hit killing? Because recently I have been seeing life bars stay up when a monster is dead but it normally clears within a few seconds.
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    Where could I get a full Legion armor?

    Yes I found one in the crypt, but what about boots?
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    Hiring recover health, 0.8.936

    Ok, thanks for the explanation! Cheers!
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    Hiring recover health, 0.8.936

    No problem and thank you David, any chance that the stunning is triggering more now with the kick back boots?
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    Hiring recover health, 0.8.936

    While they are dead, as I was doing so before the update. While I know it doesn't seem logical, but their health goes 100% and then back to 50. At any case I will adjust my timing of course.
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    Hiring recover health, 0.8.936

    Newest version here 0.8.936, when the hiring is dead and you cast recover they don't respawn at 100% but rather just 50% as per the newest update on their death. Also with the knock back boots I am getting stunned a whole lot more, any potential for it to activate more? Thanks David
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    We Are Seeking someone skilled at video editing for an upcoming contest.

    Might not be an option, but you could fiver the job (
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    [SPOILER ALERT!!!] PPP - Panics precious plans (Maps, Secrets, Hints)

    Any update on the new areas? I want to make sure I didn't miss anything ;)
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    July 3rd beta test notes!

    You can leave the feedback in the thread below: viewtopic.php?f=6&t=949&start=760 It is the actual beta test feedback thread.
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    You might have a problem when...

    Where are the tester forums or thread at?
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    Grinding is a four letter word

    Right, while there will be no best way as it depends on your level and build. That being said trollfins and cave are easiest for me at lol 15 warrior, with only using 1 recall and no potions.
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    Ancient verses quest

    Correct, but I will go get some Merple now. Thanks!
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    Ancient verses quest

    I am trying with the fire dancer skull, but is seems to be stuck on the frozen verse ie missing something? The two large rubies works, but it won't take the head now. Any suggestions?
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    Who else thinks

    We are still in beta, more content is being added. Patience, and perseverance will get you what you need or want.
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    Seventh guild

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    Awesome! Any requirements (gold etc) or restrictions (number of times etc).
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    According to the sticky for the 0.8 build it will be included. We are all eager ;)
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    Lightning Blade - damage bug?

    No problem, it is hard to find everything before posting ;)
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    Lightning Blade - damage bug?

    Yeah i posted about it too, which he said it will be corrected in the update.
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    New vault issue

    When you are on mobile and don't want to have separate apps just to downsize image (compress), upload to provider, copy link, paste link etc.. To each their own. And the purpose of uploading it here would be so the image stays with the forum, thus in the future it will be available for all to see.