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    Gone for a week

    I'll be gone for a week on vacation. I imagine M3lkor and feldon will have the Wiki done by then, right? :P EK being playable without an internet connection will be extra-special nice. Play nice, have fun, and don't Kobiyashi Maru our friend Quan.
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    That poisonous longbow

    Yeah, I agree. Duel is rough because they already have a ton of armor. I did the Bandit King with 8 medium potions by pulling in the way feldon describes. Level 13, Iron Man, stabbyface Rogue.
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    That poisonous longbow

    There are two separate bows. Poisonous Bow <-- this is the one you're talking about Poisonous Longbow <-- this is the one they're talking about Click here to see all bows.
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    list of good weapons found so far in game

    Upon closing I was going to do "one last post" with clear links to everything. We're still a ways off, anyway. Let's see if we can get it done before 1.0 release :)
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    list of good weapons found so far in game Incidentally, once locations are cleaned up a little on the wiki, this thread is going to be closed.
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    Resize Bug

    If you don't mind enabling the testing version, you can get the fixed version right away. See this thread for details on how to become a tester:
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    How to backup / move to other device your saved game

    You can only restore backups from inside the game. They can't be used to launch the game.
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    How to backup / move to other device your saved game

    Try using "Restore Backup from file" twice in a row. It doesn't work the first time for me. So 0. Make sure the EK.bak file is in the correct spot. 1. Start Exiled Kingdoms 2. Tap "Continue Game" 3. Tap "Backup 4. Tap "Restore Backup from file" 5. Tap "Yes" to overwrite current saved games 6...
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    Resize Bug

    Hello. What game version are you using? You can check in the lower left corner of the title screen/main menu when you start the game. If you're on 7.923 or earlier, this is a known issue and is being fixed in the testing versions. Also, which version of Android do you have? Thanks.
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    Exiled Kingdoms Wiki - do you want to participate?

    I've added both Mpphoenix and chrisca to the Wiki group on the forums. But neither of you have Wiki accounts that I can find. Please use the same name as on the forums.
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    Two quick questions and respect

    It's not logically separated out that well in this game. Actually, every monster in the game belongs to the "Bestiary" (in-game and on the wiki). Dragons in-game are their own type. Maybe it's because they're such magical creatures.
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    How to backup / move to other device your saved game

    Try to isolate the problem. Can you create an entirely new game, backup that game, move the backup somewhere else, delete the backup on your phone, copy the backup from that other place to your phone, then load the backup in the game? If you can do this, then you're probably doing it right and...
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    Save and exit is not working

    This was happening to me, too. David added some loading conditions to pick the newest save file, but they don't seem to help. I don't really think that's the problem -- I think the recent save file just reverts... maybe save and exit isn't writing to disk at all. It's hard to predict, but to...
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    Two quick questions and respect

    Here's all of them, I think:
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    Better game fonts (maybe with a poll?)

    Pretty sure they're old Windows fonts, i.e. not at all unique (that's actually the problem, they're modern, dull, overused fonts). Tahoma, Impact, and not sure what the console one is but it kinda looks like MS Sans Serif.
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    The new character!

    Since the new update, there is now Legion plate. It's got better armor. Some of the pieces are in Freetown, the others are from monsters.
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    Better game fonts (maybe with a poll?)

    OK, here are my suggestions. They are intentionally simple. Dialogue font: (try it out here) General purpose font: (try it out here) Console font: (try it out here)
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    Better game fonts (maybe with a poll?)

    Font Library has a lot of free fonts under the Open Font License that would work great for this game. We could maybe get a short list of fonts that would work well and vote on them. What do you think? Possible rules: The fonts must be Open Font License (OFL) The fonts should be approximately...
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    [Spoilers] Toxic skill?

    Yes, you have to use one of the poisons available for sale there on your weapon. They add a little extra damage. That damage is modified by the Poison Master skill, so it's very situational right now. Crafting is going to come a bit later, and brewing poisons is probably going to be a part of...
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    lost quest?