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    Quest Bugged (The Price of Freedom)

    Sent it via gmail
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    Quest Bugged (The Price of Freedom)

    Things went normally up until I ran back to town to avoid dying. Got chased by the varanni all the way. The guards didn't attack them. I ran and hit the inn to rest and fight them again but when I arrived back at fast-foot he wouldn't activate his chat dialogue and the captain still needs me...
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    Killing it!

    I feel ya
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    Take All Button Removed from "Looting"

    David, When you removed the "take all button" from the vault tab in towns you also got rid of it on the looting tabs for chests and corpses, etc.
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    Killing it!

    Already did. lol it's my thread hahaha
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    Elemental Resistance Scaling...

    Oh my.... thats interesting
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    Elemental Resistance Scaling...

    Of course. If you get the trollskin armor piece, you can be upwards of 85-110 depending on your endurance.
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    Elemental Resistance Scaling...

    Something has been bothering me every time i look at items. I am extremely curious at what kind of scale the elemental damage reduction runs on. Is it a Percentage type damage reduction scale? 0-100%? I can't really understand it at the moment. But the 0-100 scale makes sense to me the most...
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    Can't Update to v.0.7.890

    Its still rolling out the updates. but for me it says that the new version is 0.7.891 Make sure you go to the play store and hit the "Update" button to update your game.
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    Blessed items

    Blessed items bestow a mana bonus to the cleric. The blue circle +2 etc. Wheras the normal items do not.
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    Killing it!

    If that's the case then we need a weapon with a vorpal hit on trolls :3 We can give it a real name. We could call it Drascar the Troll Eater -Long Sword A Legendary blade fabled to have an unquenchable taste for troll flesh. *Damage - 8-13 + 4 Fire *Speed - 11 *Attributes - Troll-Slayer II...
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    Killing it!

    Can't wait to see those poison clouds you mentioned. Those are going to be scary for sure. Imagine putting randomly spawning clouds in the troll fens. It would make it a bit more difficult to fight in.
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    A simple request

    Beast meat yes. Troll meat no lol.
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    Expansion Ideas

    Trilogy games with importable character files? Continue the legacy!! Reclaim the Empire!! Defeat the horrors and destroy the portals so they can never return. Game 2! Now with 50% more classes!! Enjoy more equipment and skill combinations then ever before!! Love it.
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    A simple request

    And with a 10% chance of killing you outright
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    Mid-high level balance after .889, and my plans for next updates

    Looks like an excellent update. I'm looking forward to the sacred flame wave
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    Fun quest ideas

    lol, that came out beautifully. You should be a story designer for a company or something
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    One small suggestion for the Cleric

    Daggers not a bad idea if you use arbeno's might. I focused on the fireball and nivaria's blessing lol. Caster Cleric ftw
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    Player Weapon/Armor Ideas

    So perfect it has to be a quest.