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    Archaelund (now updated with screenshots and video!)

    I don't have a hope in hell of affording a system that can handle this, but Ima buy this game anyway, 'cause everything I'm reading is fire. I'm throwing money at ya, you the man.
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    Mercian Royal Crypt - red doors

    Is it even possible to get through the other doors? I found all the secrets, killed all the big bass, and I only ever found the one ruby key. What am I missing?
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    The most powerful 2-handed

    I keep the elemental axes for going up against elemental enemies (the dragons). For general use, I have the Executioner's axe. I don't have Cruelty yet, so I use the Vulcan Maul with the Trolls. Suppose I'll have to go get Cruelty eventually.
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    4 Reasons to spend 25k buying a house

    Could we get the option to use the demon skull as home decor? I deliberately used the goblin head on the quest in the hope that in the future I could make the demon skull the mantlepiece or a fruit bowl or something like that in my house.
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    Getting knighted in New Garand

    Ah, got it, thanks. At least I wasn't missing something obvious.
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    Getting knighted in New Garand

    I think I saw someone on here mention they'd done that, but how? My rep with Marsala is 100, but it's not presenting as an option. Do I need to join the warrior's guild first?
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    Armor parts drop

    The Assassin armor drops pretty regularly in the castle (except for the cowl; can't get that at all it seems). Try targeting the two rooms with the assassins in them. The Legion stuff only drops from the reaction deserters, so it's easier to go after the one outside . It might take a while, but...
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    Legion plateset, which monsters?

    Yeah, the Decurions are only dropping weapons occasionally, and the chest is almost always empty now except for some gold.
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    They do exist! Full sets of special armor.

    I've gotten the chest piece multiple times now from different chests in Bluerock. I found the gauntlets there too. Still haven't gotten hold of the hood. Still can't get Legion gauntlets either. Haven't had a Legion armor drop since the first couple days after the last update.
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    They do exist! Full sets of special armor.

    What others have you found? I've given up on the Legion for now, but I'm still looking for the hood and gauntlets for the assassin's armor. It looks like there might be something in the future for mages, too.
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    They do exist! Full sets of special armor.

    After multiple run-throughs of Irazur Tomb, I finally gathered the full set of Tolassian Chain armor. I was starting to think that all the special armors were incomplete atm, but this one at least is available. I've equipped it on Hirge, since it's heavy on the death resistance and I use her to...
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    Legion plateset, which monsters?

    The deserters are dropping a whole lot of regular plate for me. I haven't seen a piece of Legion armor drop in over a week. Still don't have the gauntlets.
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    Grinding is a four letter word

    I mix it up amongst Minotaur dungeon, Iron Valley, and Bluerock Castle. I sell all the high class loot (anything 200 gold and over) at Freetown, keep all the gems (the emeralds get sold to shady dude near the Minotaur area), and just keep hoping I'll complete the Legion armor. Still haven't...
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    Bag of Holding?

    Or at least access to the companion's inventory, something to give us more on the go storage space. A bag of holding would definitely be awesome.
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    Red dragon scale drop rate

    I got 1 in 5 runs; gave up on it yesterday. Just got a little too frustrating. I'll try again in a day or two.
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    How do you name your characters?

    Do you have a system? Does it vary depending on class and/or difficulty level? On my first explorations, just getting a feel for the game, it didn't matter at all to me, but as I became far more serious about it, names became much more important. When I'm just testing out game/character...
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    need a better bow

    It was either the archer or the regular skeletons. I got it twice a couple hours ago and it was just outside the ruins, so it couldn't've been the evoker. My guess is the archer.
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    What d'you spend your coins on in-game?

    At a certain point you're high level, you've bought all the cool stuff, and you're just spending for the occasional health/ mana potion. You're Mr/Mrs Cash Money. Do you spend it on anything else or just let it accumulate? Asking out of curiosity because I blew a bunch of coins on Belts of...
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    list of good weapons found so far in game

    Where did you find this?
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    White wolf pelts & glowing fungi

    Ah! Thank you! That's exactly the info I needed. Now I'll know it when I see it. Gracias.