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    What's everyone do for a living!

    I am a Correctional Officer aka Prison Guard.
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    I lied... Haha!

    Keep the challenges rolling David. This is what happens when you give trophies to everyone just for participating because you don't want to hurt someone's feelings. Trolls are supposed to be extremely difficult to kill. Dragons are supposed to be next to impossible to kill. You should have to...
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    Touch the thing that says spoiler.
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    Ah yes there is that
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    It's just not working out

    I always keep a recall scroll handy in case I can't make it back to a town. Allows you to kill and loot to the last monster in the dungeon.
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    Poll: your thoughts on turn-based RPGs, vs action-RPGs

    I prefer action based. More skill involved kiteing MoBs, dodging, avoiding, sneak attacks from behind. Action based requires more skill and if you know how to play it is way more fun than turn based. I like the idea of being in a heated battle with 2 trolls and then another troll runs into the...
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    Is there a level cap?

    Just an idea I used to hardcore play Everquest on the Playstation 2 and there was someone who offered a stat and skill point reset for free the first time but if you needed to have them do it again they offered a very challenging quest where you had to gather all sorts of various ingredients as...
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    2h Fiery options

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    Companions leaving?

    Buy her flowers. That worked for me.
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    Best loadout?

    Icey great sword is the best unless you go for cruelty.
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    Range weapons

    Ever thought about throwing elemental bows in?
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    Black Outs

    Oh it's not a big issue for me just wanted to make you aware. Also yesterday I noticed some MoBs stuck in the river and on rocks in Mount Stormy zone.
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    Black Outs

    Vault in New Grand is blacked out and my shield slot is blacked out.
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    Quest list ...

    Look for an area infested with vermin upon which stone cold eyes gaze upon as they stand guard at the gate.
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    troll hide

    Yes I third this. Please make them stackable.
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    You get stuck in Inori desert if you enter southern open area in kingsbridge behind Orc Fort

    Always carry a recall scroll for these situations.
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    Problem with companion levelling and traps

    I noticed when I first acquired Adaon he started with -1 skill point. So when he leveled to 4 that brought it to 0. Then when he hit 5 he got 1.