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    Question about red orchids

    Yep. Best place is outside Kingsbridge. Usually get 1 to 3 every 24 game hours
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    Just want to say you are doing an awesome job and have created an amazing game! We are all always impatient, but that's a testament to your great work. Thanks David, for your effort.
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    Companions dumbfounded

    Ok, I have only played Hirge so.... Thisvis happening A LOT. When a fight starts, she just stands there more than 75% of the time (guessing) until I can or am able to move at least 1 space, then she will join in.
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    Something has gone horribly wrong....

    It successfully updated after moving it back to device storage. Thanks
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    Something has gone horribly wrong....

    EK is on the sd card, and I uninstalled other apps, not EK. I'm running an Asus Zenpad 10. Z300 series
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    Something has gone horribly wrong....

    Tablet is running fine. Only when I try to update EK do I have a problem. Download sequence runs through twice without installing, then the tablet restarts
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    Something has gone horribly wrong....

    As both are related to the testing, this thread is where I put them. And I DID say I restarted.
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    What I hope is a simple request

    Lol. Finger cardio.......disturbing, and yet funny. Thx
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    Something has gone horribly wrong....

    This morning after starting my tablet, EK starts updating. It keeps looping, it runs the download a couple times then my tablet restarts. I cleared the play store cache, uninstalled old crap, cleared the cache in storage, and restarted. It keeps doing it. Oh, also noticed yesterday that after...
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    What I hope is a simple request

    I would like to it becone as easy to take stackabke items out of storage as it is to put them in. Starting to amass alot of stackables in preperation for crafting and its getting to be really aggravating when moving stuff around.
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    I miss that game. Played it for 5 years.
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    Uuuuuuuummmmmmm, no. Probably not. 8-) Why would you want a cannon that only shoots pigs? There ARE no pigs. :D
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    Donate button

    It doesn't work anymore. There a purpose for not being able to donate repeatedly or higher amounts?
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    Who's excited about the next update?

    I'm not worried about a new class, just chomping at the bit for this next update. ITS FRIDAY!!! :D Thevweekend is here!!!
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    Loot drop rates.

    I can't survive the easy undead dungeons because i get no loot drops
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    Were you by chance an Ultima Online player?
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    Demonic Skull and Drake Scale?

    Is there only one demonic skull available? Or will there be more?
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    Icy weapons?!?! Possible spoilers!!!

    I know icy daggers drop in the ice cave, the 2 handed ice sword can also be gotten from wandering merchant.
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    Ok, lets talk about traps.

    I have no problem detecting the traps, but since the cooldown for evasion doesn't change, i'm reluctant to use it on traps. The percentage thing for disarming doesn't seem right to me but, guess I will just have to deal.
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    Farming lvl11

    Best loot is going to be Minotaurs. Average 5k per run