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    Emerald chain armor

    I assume you mean the forest chain boots? I got a pair on my rogue, but can't remember where I got them...
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    Double Taps

    I won't say anything about Normal difficulty because I don't play it. Also I'll only address potions of healing, because the others are not critical and there's still not many usable items. I disagree on each item type having diffeent cooldown if that means a less "predictable" UI handling...
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    Exiled Kingdoms removed from Play Store (EDIT: now published again!)

    Re: IMPORTANT: Exiled Kingdoms temporarily removed from the Play Store Seriously... one game that was original and not a clone, and they remove it? Unbelievable Man, I imagine how you feel. I love your game, I'll wait for it to be sorted out, even buy it again if needed.
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    Companion's carry bag/inventory

    I think David said scrolls/potions and other stuff would go in a separate tab. IMHO that would be enough, space should be limited, in this kind of game.
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    Nice conversation but nothing else...

    No bug, I suppose she'll give a quest at some point, but not yet (and I have completed all the listed quests)
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    Trap and secret door detection

    I thought it was, and I've been thinking about this. I think a 5% bonus/level is too much, in a game where a specialized trap-detection character can hope to have a 25-30%. It should be a 2 or 3%, and maybe capped (i,e, level difference bonus/penalty should never be bigger than 12%). Otherwise...
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    Quest "Spicing things up"

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    Welcome to the House ...

    It is the quest to gain access to the thieves' guild. light spoiler: medium spoiler heavy spoiler epic spoiler
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    Question about missile auto-targeting, feedback wanted.

    The way I see it, if there's autotargeting in melee, there should be autotargeting in shooting as well. The loss of DPS is too big if you just hit half the time.
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    Town Hall quests ...

    I think there is a limit to those, I asked before, the answer was that many more will be added or maybe infinite, and different kinds of quests too for different kingdoms, but currently they're capped.
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    armor / damage mitigation ...

    I think it was explained long ago, it is always 1/3 of current armor. In all my characters it is, at least, and I think David said so.
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    Iron Man Hall of Fame

    It'd be nice if we could have a record of our Iron Man characters, even being able to browse their stats, or something. So when the heroes fall, they can be properly remembered and mourned! I mean in-game, maybe in the Library.
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    Question about companions

    The game changes a lot when you get a companion. One of them is in the free areas too, so go get her! And since last updates, you can talk to them about things, like asking them about areas, quests, etc. Sometimes they jump into conversations and say something, even get mad. Reminds a lot to...
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    [SPOILERS] can't get rogue companion

    Re: Didn't free Adaon now I can't go back and get him from his cage. Well, you decided to let him rot... unless I'm mistaken, that's what will happen. Luckily for you there's another very nice companion, Grissenda, in Northern Bluemist. she's a fine warrior, and David will add more companions...
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    How to kill trolls?

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    How to kill trolls?

    Same as D&D Trolls. Click here for full spoiler
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    A wild mystery.

    That's one of the new quests, look in the cave near Rhoneis. it's the town west of the mirmeks and the colonists.
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    Reddit Post

    I can't believe that was considered 'spam', even if it was already having good feedback already (Was at +12 in a few minutes) alas, I rarely post so if I did it, would get deleted again.
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    [FIXED] Companions don't seem to heal properly at taverns

    Re: Companions don't seem to heal at taverns They heal for me, but if you only rest 6 hours they seem to recover very few hp
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    Forgotten Lore quest (SPOILERS)

    I'm pretty sure the lotemaster woman was in Nayau, in the room in the middle, but she's not there until the quest is up.