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    Jabal Grotto [Spoiler]

    The monsters will have respawned like any dungeon. But at least youre free to grind and heal at towns until you're strong enough to do complete the dungeon. There's another important reason too:
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    Jabal Grotto [Spoiler]

    Damn that's rough. I remember that escape scrolls don't work there either. I don't know if you can load an old save but there's an alternate outcome:
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    Problem with companion levelling and traps

    Re: Companion levelling and traps This happened to me too when Griselda leveled up from 7 to 8, except she failed to receive any skill or trait points. There was a lot going on if I recall, we were in the middle of an orc slaughter and the level up occurred during a lot of carnage, so perhaps...
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    Whats your favorite class so far

    Rogue, especially once you get Grisenda. She just charges in and hacks the crap out of everyone as I snipe with my bow from a safe distance. I guess you could say that I'm leading from behind. Once she gets cleave and I have a rogue with maxed out range skill, no orc nor troll nor dragon is...
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    Rare diamonds

    Anyone ever get a diamond? I got one from a monster drop I believe, I don't remember which. Havent seen one since. I suppose it's a rare drop item? Sold it not being aware of its potential crafting uses in future updates. Oops. :roll:
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    Re: storm the orc fort quest

    Oh yeah duh thanks. Found him
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    Re: storm the orc fort quest

    So I beat the storm the orc fort quest but