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    killed the dragon at last

    I defeated that dragon at level 9 with a level 5 Gressinda, and it only gave me Scroll of Recall T.T Thisbgame seriously needs better rewards.
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    Soon everyone in Inori will be drinking Couk

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    [FIXED] dismissing companion

    Re: Adaon Speak with him, and an option shall appear that allows you to dismiss him.
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    Best loadout?

    Hey, I needed some help, and normally I would try and figure it out myself, but in simply unable to. I'm a level 9 2h warrior, with lvl 2 two hand skill, lvl 2 whirlwind and charge, along with a level 7 Adaon and a neglected Gressinda. Now, I have the Magma shortsword, Icy Great sword, Sword...
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    Thoughts on Orduc?

    Orduc felt the faint fresh breath hit his face. Palms sweaty, he descended the stairs with the beady eyes of the Minotaur Lords watching him. Tap. Tap. Tap. His foot steps echoed off the walls of the stairway, slicing through the dreaded silence of the Taurus Metropolis. The weight of the...
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    Range weapons

    Although I don't have anything against bows, I think there needs to be a mechanic in place to introduce more strategy to it. You can around the boss fight room avoiding damage and sniping him from away, and it makes it easier, imho, than using a sword and jumping into and fighting face to face...
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    In the beginning

    Same here! I'm thinking they lead to a Minotaur city ^_^
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    Can "Forgotten Lore" quest be finished?

    Legend has it that once a fair maiden, a demigod, daughter of the Ulvaruthuel herself walked the Earth. Once, she found a powerful Wyzard humbled and trapped by a bear trap, on the banks of the Southern Bluemist river. She set him free, and he cast a spell; "Let the banks of this river be...
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    A Web of Terror (final encounter)

    Lol I can't even make it past the first few rooms of Jabal Grotto and here you peeps talking about taking on the three bosses TOGETHER. Sounds like I'll be stocking up on 200 potions next time I go. I tried doing it with a level 7 2h warrior, all chain mail, with Adaon poison dagger DPS 18...
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    Suggestions - Some very desperately needed changes.

    I guess your idea I better. I was thinking more along the lines that after completing a quest, you get an item reward that let's you tame a certain type of animal, but only one time use, and the pet acts kind of like your companion. Anyeho, what do you guys think about the rest of the...
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    Help me with class decision!

    I've a seen a lot of people saying that the cleric isbhard to play eithx so if you're a beginner, skip that. I myself use the warrior, with my first skill as two handed warrior, and then as soon as I could, I got whirlwind and charge. Two handed weapons deal more damage than one handed...
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    [Spoiler] Loremistress Reilla

    Cant find her. Looked in Neyou tomb, which is in the New Car and Farmlands, and also visited the other desert one nearby, still can't find her. Romours don't help at all. Where is she?
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    Farming areas

    I made it through Minotaur Maze( BTW in game it's called Maze of Lambs I think) as a level 6 2h warrior with Adaon lvl 4, but I burnt through 3 insta heals, 10 small pots and 4 medium pots, and BARELY made it through. There's a staircase at the end, I believe, but nothing happens when I walk...
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    Farming areas

    Plus the music is creepy af. +1 for orc lair. Its just so satisfying to enter the dining hall there then doing a whirlwind then the forward slash attack. Kills 90% of them and then it's hack down the last two or so ^_^ Though why is the orc cook so unusually high levelled?
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    list of good weapons found so far in game

    Thanks for clearing up the speed doubt! Guys, I found a Sword of Shock on a shady traveller. Its possible that the other swords too can be purchased from a shady. Just though this info might be useful.
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    list of good weapons found so far in game

    I'm a bit confused. Does higher speed number mean faster weapon or slower weapon?
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    Saw that the key quesdt is now completedl

    Do you mean the lorekeeper Zaniel quest where she's found in the Deadwood?
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    Saw that the key quesdt is now completedl

    What tower? I've searched all around for the place where I can use the grand-dad's key hut I have no idea where to go now. I've completed the previous quests and have only the key with the journal entry that says it could be for a place in a librarybor tower.