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    Does Crafting have a place in this game?

    I see fallout everywhere in EK. It is post-apocalyptic in a way. Crafting sounds great but whenever I read about different character builds etc, I think: we need more character slots.
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    [SPOILER] Giles quest

    Question, if the thread is marked as spoiler we still ahve to use spoiler tags? just in case, about this quest rewards,
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    Notice anything different? :)

    good job there! And well thought about shields, I was wondering, if I'd need to put shield on a slot too...
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    Getting an easy start in game.

    Re: Getting a easy start in game. hey the old icon :)
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    Exiled Kingdoms Wiki

    David, you sound like a very busy person, I propose: just open a wiki, even on wikia, let us do the work.
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    Notice anything different? :)

    We can now switch weapons quickly? how will they work exactly? I see it's not just potions/scrolls.
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    Grey robbed figure

    Thanks!!! found it, is in the middle of that area.
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    Grey robbed figure

    yeah I want to know this as well! Spoiler quests thread only says where it starts.
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    Any help? (Tiniest spoilers?)

    I had no idea choosing different stats changed the game options so much. Great work there.
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    My favorite quests (light spoilers)

    I like the ones that you can choose endings. The spice trader one, example.
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    Looking forward to this game, and questions

    Turn based is best games in the genre, yes. But this is mobile right, you play different, I like it to be action-RPG. Finished testing again, second play through, now game is longer and better.
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    [FIXED] Bug when picking up plants with inventory full

    Works as intended, you can't take it, but you get the message "obtained: blue orchid" or whatever. By the way, I'd like to have sounds whenever you pick an item, not sure but I think only sometimes you get sounds.
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    things I need tested in .734

    They can't be tricked but sometimes they don't follow. Not sure if it's intentional. I'd say they're not bugged or anything, and it's fun to have this enemies because they hurt more and must be killed fast. Arrows dont hit the enemies or the companion, only you. Not sure if OK.
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    I love this game even if it's just Alpha

    Very fun. Online would be a hit, but offline is still nice, good quests and design.
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    Spam on forum

    I cant read captchas well, and computers can??? :D
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    Hello and question

    Yeah, your totally right, I'll do that from now.
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    [FIXED] Caution: Currently Alpha may stop working

    Re: Caution: Currently Alpha may stop working For me, seems to be working OK. I got a message from Google Play about the game being "very large" and asking if I only wanted to download via Wifi, said yes. Updated, and everything works same as before.
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    [FIXED] Caution: Currently Alpha may stop working

    Re: Caution: Currently Alpha may stop working I suppose you already know, but after updating I get an error that says the app must be closed as soon as I open the game :( I hope my saved games are OK :(
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    Hello and question

    I tried and nothing. Level 6, did the whole graveyard dungeon and didn't find anything. EDIT: okay, I still had NOT returned the journal from Zaniel. Once I did, and was sent to find the third loreseeker, she was there. But I think there should be more info about this, was confusing me.
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    Hello and question

    Great game, having a lot of fun with beta. I want to ask how to finish the quest Forgotten Lore, the third part. I cant find the third loreseeker anywhere... well, except the places where I get destroyed. I'm level 5. Also, what are minotaur horns for? I got one, almost died to get it...