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    Ayuda en español

    Hola gracias por esa info, peor la quest que busco es el honor sobre los ladrones honour among thieves que recien integraron en esta actualizacion, dicha mision se obtiene en freetown
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    Ayuda en español

    hola, necesito ayuda en la nueva mision de la guild de los ladrones, no encuentro a el tipo que se supone que debo de matar, no recuerdo donde me dijo que se encontraba si alguien ya soluciono esta mision puede ayudarme a resolverla gracias, solo me interesa el punto del mapa o zona yo me...
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    Iron golem fist (1 handed weapon) absolutely awesome

    the gosthslayer is good mace too have 6 at energy dmg
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    Trollfens Experience

    im agree with you i wanna live in the fens with a potion store beneath, u can get hig with potions, dancing around the fire with the friendly trolls
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    Dragons respawn

    Any1 knows if the dragons boss after kill, have they respawns as like the trolls king u defeat Gurghuts and the when u return to trollfens un the throne hace a troll king. Pass the same with dragons as ucrydmax??
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    Red dragon scale drop rate

    i collect 5 scales in 4 runs
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    Hi new player!!

    A if u want be a archer. You shoul max the archery skii cuz brings to you a extra points un ur attk every 3 lvls i u hace maxed so grow i that skill And later u can rise the meele skill. Sry for my bad english
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    Blue stacks Archive file localitation

    Hi every1, i had been use bluestackplayer for play exiled kingdoms since my phone was stole, but now i wish pass my saved games to my new phone but i dont find where are these archive in windows, any1 have a aidea where are the folder or how i can save these files thx for read
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    Advice for cleric lvl 9

    this is my cleric lvl12 wason knights hills but i change for the three (rpg, cuz the skills of knightguild are the best for damage i use a vulcan maul and bonegrinder or mace of fire what u loot on main quest idk
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    Advice for archer?

    so archer have their proper massive criticals, u can find the skill at the seventh house i have a archer too and i remember their crits for bow u need 3 of agi
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    Advice for archer?

    WHY u put points on strong if u are rogue all is in ability and awareness cuz rise the armor and bow dmg u should reset ur point and rise in abilyty and awarenes
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    Hammer (light) weapons

    I think clerics need moe light wepons like enchanted cuz is hard loot the hammer from orc king and another beats
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    Any walkthrough videos you would like to see?

    Thxxxxxxxxx :D :D :D :D
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    Any walkthrough videos you would like to see?

    How to find the new fire dungeo with the dragon :D pls
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    Agility Based Warrior build !

    hi buddy for u question
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    Imperial penny

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    Sir Shanks Contest #3: I Spy With My 2D Eye WINNER Feldon

    Re: Sir Shanks Contest #3: I Spy With My 2D Eye
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    The most difficult RPG you ever played?

    ahah im tibian too u say it the gameplay was no hard but get some levels pass from 100 come little more addictive what level u reach i leave many chars up to 150
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    Sir Shanks Contest #3: I Spy With My 2D Eye WINNER Feldon

    Re: Sir Shanks Contest #3: I Spy With My 2D Eye
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    White Wolf Pelt Trade