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    Balance after 0.5.802

    I'll start all over when you add more to the main story :P j/k, I started again with Warrior and... yep, feels much easier. Charge is a fun skill, too. I like the new traits and skills and all. Good job man.
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    Monsters follow you to next map

    I don't like to abuse the game limitation when I escape enemies by zoning. they should be able to zone too!
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    Crystal of Fire

    it drops now!
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    Can not find Constance

    Hello, and welcome. You can locate her in the caves near Kingsbridge, to the north. She was on the way to New Garand, but apparently didn't make it very far...
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    A few suggestions

    yes yes yes! if you want this game to one day be a big thing for RPG nerds like me, you must feed us the data :P
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    Adaon and the Wizard

    The wizard guy in Kingsbridge was robbed by Adaon. Yet if you later get him in your party and go talk to the wizard, he doesn't regonize him. I think it would be cool if the guy got angry and things escalated :D
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    Spam on forum

    It sucks that someone can't just come, register and ask a question. But having the forum flooded with spam is worse, agreed. Not to mention... I once found here spam which was NSFW.
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    Item stacking in 0.4.718

    Finally! :) Seems to work well for me!
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    I love this game even if it's just Alpha

    I just wanted to say that I'm having a lot of fun. I've played already for 2 weeks, probably an hour each day or a little less, and now I feel that probably I've done all the quests and visited all areas, and probably will stop testing for a while until you add more. But this is already a great...