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    I agree, some additional bonus in armor and health will make bigger difference for warriors, first of all, because both rogues and clerics can be as armored and healthy as warrior, which is wrong, i think.
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    Update on Companion Wiki

    Adaon has rogue skills, Grissenda - warrior's, Hirge - cleric's, am i right?
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    New Ring?

    Oooh, looks like good choice for my Grissenda)
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    The most powerful 2-handed

    Im going to build criticals and strikes, but havent built them yet, thanks anyway)
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    The most powerful 2-handed

    Im currently play with Cruelty (6-15, +4 fire) and wondering if its worth to buy greataxe of falling stars. Wanna ask more experienced warriors, which is best :?:
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    Fury problem

    thanks ,waiting :)
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    Fury problem

    3 lvl of Fury (warrior skill): When less then 35% hp 65% bonus damage I have 3 lvl of Fury and there is still 50% bonus damage, as in lvl 2. Is it bug?
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    Tell us when you gain a level - share your character build advancement :)

    Warrior 11 lvl 18 armour 26.1 dps without and 39.1 with fury ------------------ Legion helm, Breastplate of the forge, velites chain gauntlets, amulet of the forest, cruelty, ilmaran signet ring, oasis ring, nivarian cloakm, platemail leggins + boots, girdle of might ------------------ STR 6 END...
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    best choice for warrior

    Ah, youre right, my fault, i dont have enough awarness :)
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    best choice for warrior

    I did it, and, i cant learn precision strikes for 5000gp :(
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    best choice for warrior

    Ive read it, but how can i train both massive criticals and precision strike? Ive been told in the game that there is only one possible way, and button "learn" for second ability is unavailable
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    best choice for warrior

    Im currently only 10lvl warrior and i dont know what is best, 2-hand or 1-hand + shield, and in both options which skills should i train? thank you