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    The most difficult RPG you ever played?

    Here's a test of age... Betrayal at Krondor. Quest for Glory 2. Though I will say, Ultima Online was very difficult as well. You spend months getting amazing gear, get a 4v1 PK, and lose it all.
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    whoa, traps?

    i was clearing out the undead dungeon by new garand last night just to get a bit of extra dough since i respecc'd and had 37 gold. lol i disarmed a trap and it did something like 97 damage to me. Are traps % of health based or something? The monsters there are level 3-8, that would have killed...
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    I got the update last night David. Thank you thank you thank you!
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    Gold and stuff

    Play a cleric and spec wrong. You'll never have over 10k gold because one quest like the vegabond quest will take over 50 potions. 50 was just a number I threw out there. I haven't completed it yet. 50 wasn't enough. Lol
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    Thank you so much!
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    I was just curious where we were at with this. With the last update making 10+ monsters harder, I'm even further behind. :( Would be nice to be able to respec companions too. Don't know if that's possible.
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    list of good weapons found so far in game

    Where is Gurguth's Maul located? From Gurguth? (Who is that? The troll king? I don't even know) I'm tired of my cleric doing 2 damage and 2 fire damage per hit with the ember mace lol
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    Disapointed with loot

    I farm in a circle, then hit the king last. It works well for me. I'd really like to farm Trollfen dungeon since it has tons of good loot I haven't seen before, but doing the apprentice quest, i used 20 greater heal potions completing the quest, even after the cleric updates. I'm doomed to do...
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    The Cleric is not a bad class

    That's fine and dandy, but unless we start over, we can't even begin to replicate your build if we're past that. I'm level 11 on my cleric and I can't even run the trollfen dungeon. I got my arse handed to me. This may change in the upcoming patch with the changes made. We will see.
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    0.7 -- how do I get it?

    Oh, I guess I have that version. I was under the understanding the cleric changes came today. That's what I was wanting. Lol. Never mind. I guess I misunderstood
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    0.7 -- how do I get it?

    I have an older version, but I guess 0.7 is live. It's not available as an update on the Google play store. I desperately need the changes! Lol
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    What day are you on? Does it matter honestly other than town hall quests? I'm enjoying just walking around farming, exploring, etc. i'm on day 104. I have to rest and heal a lot, don't judge, i'm a cleric. lol
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    Fantastic. Thanks! Would be cool to play around with companion builds too
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    Is there any way to re-spec? I've taken a skill for both myself and my companion that I don't want.
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    Farming areas

    Minotaur maze. Where's the orc lair? I remember being there but I forget. I need to stock up on potions before doing the next few quests and at level 10 can barely make it through Minotaur maze with a cleric.
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    It's amazing the things you miss... Lol
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    Thanks. I will look for him. I have been through the valley a hundred times, but I guess I have missed him. :) I am running out of quests that i can easily accomplish and will need to farm soon and hopefully get a better weapon cause i'm still using Silvery Mace. Level 8 cleric. All of the...
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    The hardest blow

    I have a cleric. I can't participate in said contest. :lol: :lol: :lol:
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    I have my key and need to talk to the loreseekers. Problem is, I'm not friendly with them and they offer no quests, so they won't help me. Now what?
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    Cleric balance

    Awesome! I was thinking mana potions would be nice. Thank you.