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    "Easy job" help needed...

    Much thanks. I like the area i use my mini tanker companion ( I'm the major tanker) to distract the dragon in the cave and i raid the goodie box. ;-P
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    "Easy job" help needed...

    I checked the boards and it is completable, but i can't find merple weed. I tried north sugar forest where the ice starts on both sides of the banks, to no avail... Is there another location I'm missing? Or is there a spawn timer, and I'm just missing it? I'm stumped. Much thanks
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    Repeatable town hall missions. ..

    Cap of 54 but shows 56. Less the stats are not just for one toon.. Either way thanks.
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    Repeatable town hall missions. ..

    My warrior is lvl 11 on the ebb of 12. I've done 56 town hall missions, and no matter the days go by or what town i visit, no town hall missions available. Am i missing something or have i done them all? You could make the town hall repeatable, and still it wouldn't be a exploit to the game...
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    My chick is a man!!!!

    I swore it was a sword i was swinging , not a trouser snake..... O_o... This isn't the first RPG, and it doesn't ruin my exp, but the dialog is set for male toons. Curious if you can program the dialog to be gender specific. Always been a pet peef of mine. Just throwing it out there.
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    Mount storme castle!?

    I was just exploring and i ran apon a castle inn mount storme. I Tried talking to the " Stormknight" which is blocking the bridge.. Nothing, so i tried attacking, and i used charge. I got past the bridge but could not enter castle. Is the area bugged, unfinished, or am i just not far enough into...
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    Poll: your thoughts on turn-based RPGs, vs action-RPGs

    Same boat here, I've played more action rpg's than turn based, but the TBS i have played i loved. Of you are looking to make EK turn based please don't. Make a different game for that David, or maybe that's what you are getting at...
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    Ideas for new jobs/class

    I like the ideas, when i was brand new i posted something of less detail but same idea as you. I didn't get much of a response. However you can build your classes like that now minus the special skills. E.g. Your shield master warrior, load up on end and agi use the strongest armors. My lvl ten...
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    Idea for mage skill

    Ib would like it as a scroll so all classes can use.
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    Rogue build advice needed please...!

    I thank y'all. Much. Been helpful. I'll put it to test soon... Uh youth mentioned advanced skills, an i missing a update?
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    Introduce yourself thread

    Yo, I'm Jake out of Culpeper VA but originally from California. I am a cabinet builder at MASCO BCG (merillat). I've been a avid gamer since atari . My brother and i used to wait for my mom to get off her high and crash sleep to ask her for money for arcades.. Haha tmi i guess.... Uh i love RPG...
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    enemies re-spawning

    I agree with the in-app purchase issue.i never cared to much for the " play the game for free, but to do good you gotta buy crap".... For all that just go completely pay to play, like a MMORPG. I could see from a sales stand point it can make sense (this game was good enough for me to buy). Set...
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    Rogue build advice needed please...!

    Probably a melee rogue.
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    Rogue build advice needed please...!

    I got looking into making a rogue last night but got stumped. I'm thinking agility would be the primary trait, but what about secondary? I went to put in strength, but then was like what about end or awa... Then i got to the power section... I'm usually some sort of...
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    Things I learned from Exiled Kingdoms

    EK taught me Clerics are uber strong. Idk if it's i already learned off my warrior, or if clerics are just crazy nasty. Lvl 3 got 1 int 2. Per 2 agi 1 end. Have a heal and a wicked frontal cone fire atk. With +2 armor bonus and a chance of stun. It is crazy how much easier the beginning of the...
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    The most difficult RPG you ever played?

    i thought Dragons Age was hard. I used to have to play with out sound, and the enemy would usually have me half dead and surrounded. That mixed with i only had about 6 hours a week to play games at that time, hard to get good. EK is challenging on normal, I'll be a minute before hard or hard...
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    What's everyone do for a living!

    i build cabinets for MASCO BCG merilatt brand out of culpeper Va. It's production work. Gotta go gotta go mentality.
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    [color=#0000FF]i had my build twistedi have lvl 8 warrior with 2 str 3 end 3 agi 1 int 1 awa 2 per. Buuld might be a lil twisted around, but she is fairly tough with a 14 armor rating. I can usually herd a room full of baddies add use my AoE attacks to slaughter. Idk works for me. [/che'