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    What Is the highest LV for summoned creatures ?

    In that case I would recommend double checking that your post is placed in the Exiled kingdoms version of the General forum, because we had to move your posts a few times already.
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    About the mage ...

    In that case you can ignore my previous advice. That was for Archaelund because you created your post on the Archaelund part of the forum. To level up in Exiled kingdoms, I recommend focussing on quests early on, that gives a good guiding line on where to go and helps you gather some nice loot...
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    Bug Misplaced Devotions - I need help

    Can you share a screenshot of what your questlog exactly says about "Misplaced Devotions"? Because I can't help you with advice without knowing without knowing what step of the quest you are in.
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    Mago que usa varinha.

    Yes, I moved it to the EK forums because this seems to be about Exiled kingdoms and not Archaelund
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    About the mage ...

    What mage do you mean? Marietta or just general apprentice characters? Although apprentices will be among the easier characters to level because INT gives an xp bonus, which means that they'll level slightly faster than you other part members. On top of that Marietta also gains another xp bonus...
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    Wandering stones

    The first screenshot looks like it might be the same bug like this one that I reported a month ago
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    Camera zoomed out did not reset with diagnostic tool

    I was fighting some mirmeks when suddenly I got the zoom out issue again. Since I remembered that you added some specific tools for them, I decided to look up that post again and try out the combination. However, pressing left ctrl + Z did not reset the camera position. Still, I have send you...
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    Minor bugs with "Justice from Above" (SPOILERS)

    I can confirm that the corpse works correctly now in the latest version. Perhaps another idea for some dialog about it, is the option to give the book that you get from the quest to Icanos afterwards. I know that you can already sell it, so this is just a suggestion, but it would add some nice...
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    Where can I find The Tome of Imperial Poetry II?

    To find out more about the location you'll have to continue to gossip until you get a clear view on where it is located. The position of town hall quests are random, so you'll have to discover it for yourself ingame.
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    Minor bugs with "Justice from Above" (SPOILERS)

    No, I guess this "bug" was just a misinterpretation on my end. The only other corpses that are laying around in game that aren't killed by the player are skeletons, and those are infinitely interactable. I don't remember finding any items from him, as he doesn't carry anything on his corpse...
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    Very minor: Female Batrax do not show any capes on their model

    Update: This seems to be an issue just with the Winter Cloak. I just found a Brigand cloak and that one does properly show on the model, regardless of the gender of the batrax.
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    Minor bugs with "Justice from Above" (SPOILERS)

    A save file for the weird corpse has been sent. However, I noticed that reloading a save file, resets the interactability of the corpse, so to replicate the issue, you'll have to interact with the corpse, close the window and then try to interact with the corpse again.
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    Minor bugs with "Justice from Above" (SPOILERS)

    I'm playing on 391 and I still have the weird corpse with no loot that you can only interact with once when going down. So this isn't fixed yet. Also, another minor bug that wasn't mentioned here. If you drop down before looting the nest, the quest ends up in a limbo state. Because it was a one...
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    Thread for minor area issues: getting stuck, passing through objects, visual glitches.

    You can get completely stuck in port Galeb. If you drop down to the right when going towards the shrine, then you'll end up stuck in a small area between two houses, with no way to possibly exit again.
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    Thread For Wording/Description issues: typos, incorrect descriptions, etc.

    When asking Salende about the robberies from "Justice from above", her last sentence isn't properly capitalized.
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    Bug: Prone characters not handled correctly at beginning of combat

    This isn't just the case for prone characters, I reported the same issues with stunned characters before. So I guess this is probably the case for any status effect.
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    Thread for minor area issues: getting stuck, passing through objects, visual glitches.

    If you move to the left right before speak to Sir Vanthas and angle yourself towards the wall, you can start the fight with half your units outside of the initial room.
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    Major bug: Combat got stuck in first turn of the fight

    I'll put this under the same issue, because it seems to be the same problem. Once again the very first enemy at the start of the fight did their movement and then completely got stuck with the combat not progressing. Although this time it was at a very different location, it was in the Sir...
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    Very minor: the glow from Scorching wave doesn't disappear

    I never noticed it before because I didn't really use this spell much, but after casting it the glow just stays active in the location that it was cast, even after combat is over. It is especially noticeable when used in dark hallways, the screenshot is from within the Cursed crypt with no torch...