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  1. tal

    Insufficient bag slots

    im lvl 17 cleric so while traveling and killing mobs and doing dungeons i don't need to go back to heal or restore my hp at towns. only thing that hold my fun traveling and playing is the low space on my back pack the backpack hold 20 slots for both me and my companion but on the first 4 slots i...
  2. tal

    Bear cave secret room

    Anyone found the secret room on bear cave at Nilomar cape? Wiki don't have the cave on map
  3. tal

    companion skills

    I just realise after playing 8 monthes that my companion dont have any advances skills and i cant seem to undersatnd how to buy for them they guild trainers only offer them for me.
  4. tal

    Wraiths and varannari

    1) i have a good rep with the varannari and i don’t understand why they attack me on map when i see a group of them 2) i think wraiths spawn time in dungeons is to short i entered today to the Mercian Royal Crypt and by the time it take me to clear a room the wraiths outside the room...
  5. tal

    Wyvern loot

    well went to the new map killed lots of them and not a single drop not even cash talking about the ice\regular lvl 12\ and the young lvl 9 is it just my bad luck or they have very low drop rate of something
  6. tal

    Reputaion bug

    I was trying to get a "Friendly" rep at Rhoneis so the boat man will take me down river then i notice i dont have the same rep in my jurnal and in the town hall added a pic to show it... The boatman think i'm friendly.
  7. tal

    [BUG] monsters not aggroing or reacting

    game updated today... So i tried to travel to freetown and kill some trolls on the way first the npc still stucking behind me on open spaces and dont attack and on the pic.. the troll just stand next to me and looked at me killing his friend he didnt move until i start attacking him. im...
  8. tal

    Smugglers in the night

    Last update made this mission doable I searched all the docks on different hours Inc night time plus the near by maps for them.. Please spoiler me
  9. tal

    [FIXED] fog of war uncleard

    when i entered the dark area i couldn't see my self or companion or mobs but could fight and pick stuff 894 i think so last update and i dont get hit by the fire stream so i can stand there
  10. tal

    Orcslicer sword

    on the sword it say :"+1 damage per rank what is rank? is it level?
  11. tal

    new update is hard :)

    im lvl 11 cleric with lvl 9 or 10 grissenda before the update i could get to the troll lair and clear around half of it also killed the dragon now dragon *Sir Shanks has Bob Ross-ed this word and painted a happy little tree* me and cant even reach the troll lair maybe if i could retrait things...
  12. tal

    [FIXED] is the cave on Rhoneis Plains closed

    i cant enter anymore
  13. tal

    [BUG] bad image

    i think it's a bug... the wizard turn to brown thingy and my inventory slots and quick slots are bad
  14. tal

    killed the dragon at last

    was quite easy frissenda died right at the start so i was alone with my bad cleric build. used 5 hp mod pots ,1 mod mana pot and 2 cold resist pots he dropped the sword of flame that kinda lame cause less stats than the magma shortsword
  15. tal

    too many ring dropes

    just went to do the "recover lost item" of house jomte while runing in the tomb i found 3 of them.. is it ok? or just a bug?
  16. tal

    3 things that can be good to add to the game

    1)I now have 3 vaults so to move between them i need to go out from the vault press the town hall and the pick the next one.. would be nice to move from 1 to another via vault view. 2)when deposting stuff to vault(like 10 gems) it's u can hit the store button several times(fast) but when u try...
  17. tal

    list of good weapons found so far in game

    pls add where u found the weapons when upost. Deathclaw - tomb in New Garand farmlands (tnx new4or) Troll cleaver - troll dungeon at south-west Trollfens Sword of Shock- Lannegar from the captain after quest Crushing Ember - (good vs trools) and best so far for cleric i found Icy...
  18. tal

    some improvement suggestions

    -it would be nice if there was a book or tome that reset your skills even if it cost 1K- 5K gold -i think if u lvl up u should get full hp\mana - move the "back to game" button far from "save and exit" button. -lower the price for hp potions and add mana potions. -rest outside of towns with...
  19. tal

    good wepon

    im playing a Cleric lvl 8 now and so far i cant find a good weapon for this class... i had the hammer that did 7-9 but sins i start farming the trolls i needed a fire one so im using the"crushing ember" damage is 3-8 + 2 fire.. but on the trolls im mostly do 2 regular + 2 fire.. and it's going...
  20. tal

    Jabal tower

    how do i get in? is it a mission.. cuse my name is not enough...