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    Dev: Do You Need Ideas?

    Hey, so I read the "Features for Version 1.1" thread and I wondered if you need any ideas or help. For example it says Companion quests and advancement: each companion will get a quest that will reveal their background, and will also be the way to unlock advanced skills for them (a fixed...
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    [Small Bugs/Notes] Ark|Trigger Sound|Regeneration|Cleric

    I'm referring to the version that was released on Dec 30, so I don't know if any of these bugs/problems have been fixed. - in Ark (Reactor) there is the gate where you have to type "Scotty" to unlock it, you get the same dialogue again, even when you opened the door already (not sure if you...
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    Bag of Holding - Suggestion

    Hello, I didn't find any post mentioning this. When you open Bag of Holding, your companion's avatar disappears, meaning there is no way to switch to your companion's equipment window without clicking that back button. This means you have to reenter your equipment window, which is not only...
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    [BUGS] Some Bugs I Encountered

    Hi, I posted this in a longer text in that Mage Discussion Thread, but I thought it would be smarter to post them here. In the Grey Library, if you get 1 or more reputation and fall back to 0 or lower, you can still enter it. I guess it shouldn't be that way and I guess this is true at further...
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    Some Bugs

    => Bear traps slow you when use that invincibility skill from Rogue (but since you wanted to remove that ability it probably doesn't matter anymore) => When your commrade is stunned while you enter a new zone she won't move till she is killed (saw a similiar topic of this already, but just...
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    Music suggestion

    I'm just wondering if you need more tracks/track ideas for the game. A few days ago I came across a track I really liked and it instantly reminded me on the game. Maybe something similar would make a nice music when you completed the game
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    Warrior vs Rogue DPS

    EDIT by DavidBVal: this was moving towards a completely different topic than the title suggests. Split into new topic to make the info easier to locate for others. In the sewers you can buy a potion to put poison damage on your weapon. Maybe add a potion that adds fire ability? Also would be...
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    When you want to take stored items (let's say 10 diamonds), then you ALWAYS need to click the item again because the window to get your item to your inventory disappears. It's extremely annoying. And are there plans to increase vault slots? I've the feeling that you might run out of them fairly...
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    [Spoiler] Sewer - Door Bug?

    I can't enter this room. Is this meant to be that way? Do I need to activate a switch to open it? And another thing. Why do rats respawn so fast? Sometimes you just move 20 blocks away and they already respawned.