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  1. ArrowsFTW

    Grissenda and Advance Skill Quest

    How do I activate or start it? It says to find the Messenger during random encounters but so far nothing. Does it have to do with my character level in order for the messenger to appear? Do I need to do random encounters ONLY in Varsillia so it would work?
  2. ArrowsFTW

    Need help activating EK.bak file in IOS

    Hello I have saved the game file on Google Drive which I then downloaded to my icloud and also in my document files which it can’t read. When I try retrieving my saved file, the game just states that it can’t find EK.bak
  3. ArrowsFTW

    Pinpoint for the map

    It would be great if we had a feature where we can leave a pinpoint on your map. It would be really helpful if we can leave a mark on a place that we need such as when going rumor boss hunting where they often are in specific places where you have to find them.
  4. ArrowsFTW

    About Stealth

    I think the chance to not get noticed by the enemy should be increased to atleast 90% because its a good skill to pair with Flanking. I've been playing a backstab thief with Stealth lately and it's really mediocre because by the time im behind the enemy, I'll be noticed by them and wont be able...
  5. ArrowsFTW

    Dragon and Lich Tome Drop

    We all know both of these monsters can drop the rare Tome that gives +1 Trait points. What if they also drop Skill Tomes in the future? Trait points get abundant once you pass a certain level and finding Tomes but skill points are pretty scarce since you only get 2 per level and some skills...
  6. ArrowsFTW

    Great Wisdom Scroll and Altars

    Does the exp bonus they give out stack or they reset each other? My base xp bonus is 4% and with the Wisdom Scroll it's 19% and 9% with the alter. However when I combine Wisdom Scroll and the Altar, my xp bonus only comes out to 19% instead of 24% what gives?
  7. ArrowsFTW

    Summon Wolf Advance Skill

    I really like the Summon Wolf Advance Skill for the Clerics. Perhaps it would be great if each class can summon a signature companion and will evolve when you raise their skill points Clerics-Wolves>Ice Wolves Warriors-Troll>Elder Troll Rogues-Imps>Flamedancer Mage-wolves,troll,imps and more...
  8. ArrowsFTW

    Rumor Bosses Drop Loot

    I think each type of boss should give out unique items not just common ones. For example the Dragons drop the Icicle, Liches drop the new axes, necklace, and rings. On the otherhand, Manticores, Trolls, and Giants all share the same mediocre drops that can be looted from dungeons and other...
  9. ArrowsFTW

    Items That Give MP bonus

    I think items like the Blessed Necklace that gives 3MP should give MP points to classes that do not have MP innately (rogues+warriors)
  10. ArrowsFTW

    The Deep Lords and the Horrors

    According to EK lore they are the reason why the kingdoms went on exile. Will they show up again on the new found land?
  11. ArrowsFTW

    The Restless Dead Quest

    Where can I find the ghost's remains?
  12. ArrowsFTW

    Shield Expert

    Anyone uses this skill? It seems mediocre for the price skill vs the benefit of the skill
  13. ArrowsFTW

    Rogue Version of Duel Knight

    I like encountering Duel Knight because I like the challenge he brings into the fight with his warrior skills. It would be cool if Duel Knight had a Rogue version where they have skills that enemy bandits would not have such as Evasion and Trap Master. This would make encounters more fun and...
  14. ArrowsFTW

    Ring of Personality

    Ive seen it before but I don't remember where. I tried to find it in the wiki but nothing was there.
  15. ArrowsFTW

    Heavy Hand vs Assassinate

    What's better for a melee rogue in the long run?
  16. ArrowsFTW

    Combining Weapons for Crafting

    Wouldn't it be great if you can combine weapons such as Cruelty and Great Ice Sword to make a weapon that can do fire and ice damage, call it Frozen Wraith
  17. ArrowsFTW

    Tremedan Fire Dungeon

    The fire where the Imp boss resides does 1000+ fire damage, is that normal?
  18. ArrowsFTW

    Scroll of Identity Deleted?

    I dont see them in the potion stores anymore and it feels like it was replaced with Scoll of Wisdom.
  19. ArrowsFTW

    Monsters and Creatures Idea Thread

    I think Vampires would be a good addition to the enemies that we encounter in EK. Their Lore perhaps could include Cults unleashing an ancient Tolassian Spirit that corrupts their soul and turns them to some type of a Vampire but EK version style. The Evil Tolassian Spirit possesses the leader...
  20. ArrowsFTW

    Random Encounters at Night

    Wouldn't it be great if you encounter enemies that only come out at night maybe like a group of Skeletal Warriors, Zombies, and maybe Vampires in the future