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    [Spoiler] Help with Ruun

    I met a guy named Ruun in Sydarun Oasis. He wants a wolfskin, a "gift of the North." I have 2 perfect wolfskins and one perfect White Wolf skin, yet there is no option to give him one? Whatever dialog option I select he ends the conversation. Is there something I'm missing? I think I've done...
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    [NOT A BUG] Warrior's Guild, New Garand

    I can learn Massive Criticals, but not Precision Strikes? The Learn button is greyed out. I meet the minimum requirements for both.
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    [Bug] Rhoneis Town Hall Quest

    I got a quest to destroy the skeleton of King Migor in a northeast chamber of Kleyu Tomb. Migor isn't there.
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    Town Hall Quests bug

    Since the latest update, Town Hall Quests are disabled. I was able to do one or two, now no towns have quests available. The option is greyed out in every town, and stays that way. Have tried changing zones and sleeping, and rebooting my device.
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    Where to Find Merple Weed?

    Merple weeds can be found in snowy areas. But I think I've been through all the snowy areas. Even killed the ice dragon in the cave. Yet somehow this particular plant eludes me. Got any hints?
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    Where does Grissenda go?