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    Rogue experience from an Ironman warrior pov

    Hello people of the internet. Being bored of not being able to safely clear ark on my 21 warrior on ironman i decided to start a rogue on hard. Wow! I did not believe rogue could do so much damage. I got to level 13 just looping lannegar kb rhoneis town hall quests cause it was just so funny...
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    Ideas on future things to implement, plus a concern

    Alright, I am by no means a genius I'm just a player and I have played many isometric rpgs so I'm listing some features that I would like to see implemented in the future. This is not a critique on the game which I love. 1. Reborn feature: after reaching high level (20+ or whatever its going to...
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    Why is fire lake so evil

    Hello, first of all this is the best mobile game i ever played. I am on my second serious ironman playthrough. I only play ironman. I had a warrior called Jon Snow he was level 11 and he died in the hirge tomb after pulling 5 evildoers with no proper resistance and escaping through a...