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    Optimized mage build

    Agility boosts wand and staff damage every point, awarness does every 2 points, pluss the damage bonuses from staff and wand skills. Trolls stopped giving me trouble at lvl9
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    Question about companions

    Can any companion with 2 awareness activate the statue in the poison room of irazur tomb or just adaon?
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    Mage gear?

    Alchemists and wizard towers. Also the firedancer in the third goblin quest drops a robe
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    Mages guild

    Can any one give me info on Mages guild? If it was added with the class and how to join?
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    wizard clss

    Has it been released then?
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    Hirge dissapeared

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    Hirge dissapeared

    Ive slept days at the inn and she is nowhere to be found
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    Hirge dissapeared

    I just need her so i can do that quest and raise my rep with the three. Ive done all the quests for them that don't require 25 rep. Currently at 23
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    Hirge dissapeared

    She's not there or in the desert where you first meet her. She didn't disappear until after i declined the quest from her.
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    Hirge dissapeared

    After completing the quest to gain hirge as a companion i walked past the temple in new garand. I told her i dont want to be pulled into religous problems. I switched to adaon for a bit and now she is no where to be found. Any thoughts, ideas, or solutions would be welcome.