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  1. Brunors95

    Two fun issues...

    Mage armor desactivates any trap, it doesnt matter if you see or you don't see the trap, it will desactivate the trap and you will not take any damage, that's why mages are the best class to disarm traps in game as long as you have mana to reactivate mage armor, for high levels, rogues become...
  2. Brunors95

    restless dead spekter doesnt appear

    You must go there between 1am and 4 am so that the Restless Dead Spectre appears, he will be in the South of Jabal Hills area
  3. Brunors95


    Como assim abrir mais o mapa? Vc diz que o desenvolvedor deve criar mais áreas? Se sim, isso não vai acontecer tão cedo pq o desenvovedor já disse que vai parar com desenvolvimento de Exiled Kingdoms por enquanto e vai focar no desenvolvimento de outro jogo e só vai lançar mais conteúdo para...
  4. Brunors95

    Newbie aboard

    If you're starting with mage you should learn mage armor and barrier as soon as possible, because Mages are the most fragile class ingame, so you need some more defenses, also mage with magic mage armor is the best class to avoid traps because the magic armor desactivates any traps that may...
  5. Brunors95

    Newbie aboard

    Good luck bro, there are some guides here on the forums in other posts and in the Wiki to help out new players
  6. Brunors95

    Askatir Mine=gold farm??

    I will record a video running in Maze of Lamith lvl 2 and also another one in Suken Citadel, I can particularly record lots of videos using all my heros to run Sunken too, those videos would show good payback so that people understand how good is it to run in Sunken at high levels and in Maze...
  7. Brunors95

    On Mercenaries and Companions

    Mercenaries are so weak that I don't even hire them anymore, in fact, if they level up along with you and your companion or if you only hire mercenaries of your level they would be something good, but you can't even control their build, so probably they have the weakest equipment ingame and even...
  8. Brunors95

    Askatir Mine=gold farm??

    I particularly like to run Maze of Lamth by myself with Hirge since level 8 until I unlock Sunkel Citadel, I know I can't reach deep at level 8, but I usually go until I have used all rest buttons and there's no possibility to go further, then, I use scroll of return after that, I usually earn...
  9. Brunors95

    Askatir Mine=gold farm??

    In my opinion the best places to farm both gold and exp: 1st for both exp and gold: Sunken Citadel 2nd for both exp and gold: Maze of Lamth 3rd for both exp and gold: Bloodpaw Cave Why? Because they give decent experience and also lots of equipments that you can sell out, in each run in Maze...
  10. Brunors95

    Quest list sorted by level and difficulty

    I usually complete that quest at level 2 and kill all ghosts and skeleton all the way through the corpse to get the ring for Griselda
  11. Brunors95

    Buff Rogue Archers to be a better choice of class

    Rogue archers are the hardest class to pick up, the fact that you don't have a decent ice bow or death attacks, it has a few bows and the strongest ones are gotten only at the end of the game, why having so many fire class bows and we only have 1 cold elemental bow? It's not even good to use it...
  12. Brunors95

    Make mages a bit better

    Mage is the only class that has to spend a lot of mana with attacks, it's the weakest class if you don't have mage shield and barrier which is what I consider to be one of the most powerful abilities, I have some suggestions: 1-Make arcane advanced skill up to level 4, it's very expensive to...